Head of the HOOCH

November 4, 2013

Under the supervision of Coach Denny Matheou and Coach Erini Anthopulos, Vikings arrived  to the Head of the HOOCH, their last regatta of the season, after 13 hours of exhausting bus trip.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Birkan Ozgur, Cleveland, OH


HOOCH which is one of the biggest national regattas and was really competitive for the Vikings. However, CSU Crew again beat their Ohioan rivals in their races.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Elizabeth Dressler, Chattanooga, TN

Moreover, it was the last race for the Men Varsity rowers Anthony Adamo, Birkan Ozgur, and Dominic Hess.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Anonymous, Chattanooga, TN

Season is over but the spirit and friendship will last forever.

Birkan Ozgur

Speakmon Memorial

October 14, 2013

Vikings made everyone proud one more time. 

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Elizabeth Dressler, Columbus, OH

Going to Columbus, Vikings won two golds three silvers in Speakmon Memorial Regatta.

Women Novice 8 CSU A and Women Novice 4 CSU A  boats became first in their events and earned two gold medals. Besides Women Varsity 8 boat earned a silver in their race. 

After the race Women team threw their coxswain Gabby Schramm in to the Scioto River.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Elizabeth Dressler, Columbus, OH

Moreover, Men Novice 8 and Men Novice 4 won two silvers in their events. Vikings were always competitive in Ohio and they again proved that they will keep being competitive.

 Birkan Ozgur


Head of the Ohio

October 7, 2013

Last weekend Vikings went to Pittsburgh for the Head of the Ohio Regatta.

In one hand, the men’s varsity four beat Ohio University. On the other hand, The men’s novice eight beating West Virginia and Carnegie Mellon, became 5th and performed beyond the expectations.Lastly, the men’s novice four became 6th, passing Pittsburgh University B in their own river. They also passed Liberty, West Virginia, and Carnegie Mellon.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Elizabeth Dressler, Pittsburgh, OH

Furthermore, The women’s varsity eight beat their Ohioan rivals, Ohio University and John Carroll. The women’s varsity fours, CSU A & B, beating Greater Columbus, John Carroll, and Ohio University, showed the power of the Vikings. Moreover, the women novice eight became 4th, beating Ohio university and CSU WN8 B.
In such a competitive regatta one more time Viking Crew proved how strong it is to its Ohioan rivals.

Birkan Ozgur 

Regatta Preparation

October 3,2013

Regatta Chair did the grocery before the Head of the Ohio, Leeann Boozer who rowed in Spring 13 season helped to the team, allowing us to use her advantage card for COSCO. Loading the trunk, April Miller, Birkan Ozgur, and Leeann Boozer, had a dinner.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Birkan Ozgur, Cleveland, OH

CSU Rowing Club is getting stronger and bigger with the help of the alumnus and ex rowers every day.

We appreciate all given efforts.

Birkan Ozgur

Glow Paint Party

September 27,2013

In the first weekend after the Head of the Cuyahoga, Katherine King, Apparel & Social Events Chair, went to the Glow Paint Party at Peabody’s with some of the Vikings.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Katherine King, Cleveland, OH

Having a lot of fun, Vikings became closer friends and had chance to get to know each other more.

Birkan Ozgur

Head of the Cuyahoga

September 25, 2013

Viking crew opened the season with the head of the Cuyahoga rowing competition last weekend.

Despite of heavy rain and two freighters parked on the river Vikings rowed in a shortened race from 5,000 meters to 2,500 meters.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Elizabeth Dressler, Cleveland, OH

Novices had their first experiences and varsity rowers competed against the clubs all around the Ohio.

The men’s novice four and eight earned a silver medal, and women’s varsity eight won a bronze medal. 

Birkan Ozgur

CSU Rowing Fundraising Party

On September 21, 2013 at 9:00PM Come join us after the Head of the Cuyahoga as we raise money for our upcoming fall and spring seasons!!

$25 at the door includes:

– Domestic draft pints 

– Wine well drinks 

– 3 Appetizer Buffet options all night (Pretzel bites, chicken tenders, fries) 

What could be better on a Saturday night after a great race day?!

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Barley House Cleveland: 1261 West 6th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

There will be entertainment throughout the night including a 50/50 raffle!!

Don’t row? Come any way!

Bring your kids, friends, parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, all ages, everyone is welcome!



Barley House Cleveland


1261 West 6th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

Karaoke Night

September 5, 2013

After a fast start to the new season, Vikings decided to go to the House of Blues to relax and get to know each other better.

 Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Birkan Ozgur, Celeveland, OH

Captain Katherine King, Coach Erini Anthopoulos, Coxswain Grace Arroyo and new rowers Mihkaya Best and Sarah Kalain were the brave ones who could sing a song.

Birkan Ozgur


Viking Armada

September 4, 2013

Vikings keep improving their rowing skills and geting ready for their first regatta, Head of the Cuyahoga, every morning.

This morning five boats were on the water and one more time it has proved that how bigger and stronger the team has become.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by David Dressler, Celeveland, OH

Today, not only the women’s varsity 8, and the men’s varsity 4 were on the water but also the women’s novice 8, the men’s novice 8 and a mixed 8 were making practice.

Vikings litterally has occupied the Cuyahoga river this morning.

Birkan Ozgur

Head Coach is Back

August 30, 2013

Denny Matheou, head coach of CSU Rowing Team, came back from his Greece vacation. After introducing himself to the new rowers, head coach assigned Captain Christian and Will Colvin as the stern pair of the shell and new rowers Tim, John, Daniel, Elliot, Ankur, and Fernandes to fill in the rest of the boat under the command of their coxswain Birkan. Rowing by pairs and fours, men novice four finished the practice.


Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Birkan Ozgur, Celeveland, OH



Meanwhile, Erini Anthopoulos, assistant coach of CSU Rowing, rode the launch and observed the practice. Erini rowed and was the Master Coxswain of the club for a long time. Ms. Anthopoulos graduated in May and had her last season as a coxswain for the team. After graduating she decided to not leave the club and continue developing her rowing carreer ,and decided to become an assistant coach.

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by Birkan Ozgur, Celeveland, OH



Practices are continuing and despite of loosing some of them, we have a team of 45 coming to practice, who are improving their rowing skills and techniques.

Birkan Ozgur

New Season, New Rowers

August 26,2013

Is 5:30 AM too early? For a Viking it is not. CSU Rowing Team made a great start for the Fall 2013 Season. After marvelous efforts of Morgan Barnes, the chair of recruitment, and the volunteers the Viking Crew increased the number of its rowers from 35 to record high of 60. 


Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Photo by David Dressler, Celeveland, OH


Dividing into three groups, new Vikings learnt the basics of the rowing by using the ergometers, by observing how to carry the oars, and by watching the experienced rowers while they were taking the boat out. And they finished with jumpies. 

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

 Photo by Birkan Ozgur, Celeveland, OH


Time will show who is really a rower who is not but so far, it seems like new rowers have liked being a Viking. 

Birkan Ozgur

Ride, Row, and Rec Program

August 21, 2013

Welcome to CSU Rowing. We are glad to have you in our team. I would like to introduce you our R.R.R. (Triple R) Program.

Every season rowers need to be at the boathouse at 5:30 in the morning. Knowing how hard to wake up and come to the boat house with RTA, CSU Rowing Team provide transportation options for our teammates every semester.

 It is not only a great opportunity for the rowers who can give a ride to decrease their expenditures but also a big easiness for rowers who need a ride.

 With this program participants meet in designated locations and come to the boathouse with created car pool options.

 This program will be conducted by the Regatta Chair of the team. All you have to do is to fill out the R.R.R. Participant form and specify that whether you need a ride or can give a ride; rest will be arranged by the Regatta Department.

If you are interested in joining the program please contact me


Birkan Ozgur

Regatta Chair, CSU Rowing

  Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race



A Letter From The President

August 16, 2013

Greetings, Team!

Throughout my year on this team, I have seen us grow in many ways as we find new ways to make ourselves stronger competitors on the water, more noticed on campus, and more professional in all respects. We have come together to take what was once one man’s dream and turn it into a thirteen-year legacy. As our team finishes our final preparations for our Fall 2013 season, I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on 2012-2013 in respect to our challenges and accomplishments, and to look forward to what we can expect in these next two seasons.

 Our team experienced several firsts this year, including our first-time participation in the national Head of the Hooch regatta in Chattanooga last fall, and the first-time participation of a women’s/novice boat at the Dad Vail regatta in Philadelphia this spring. It is wonderful to see that we are pushing ourselves to new heights and accepting bigger challenges.

We must work hard both on and off the water to make our organization work. Fundraising is an important component to running this team, and over the past year we have created and implemented many fundraisers to support our needs. I appreciate the work of all the team members who helped with these events. Thank you to all the people who attended these events, and all of the individuals who have donated their time and money so that this dream can not only survive, but thrive.

This year, CSU was host of Cleveland’s annual Hammer Ergatta. Through the careful planning and dedication of Joesph Wiencek, we were able to host a well-organized event to raise the money needed for a much needed new trailer! The Hammer was a tremendous opportunity to showcase our team and our university, and to describe it as a success would be an understatement. Construction of our new trailer is underway, and we can expect it to be completed by the end of September.

Over the last several months Viking Crew has undertaken recruitment efforts like no other. Under the leadership of Morgan Barnes, we have gotten the word out about this organization like never before. Our information table at freshman orientations has been dynamic and I am happy to announce that this fall we expect the largest number of new novices in team history!

I would like to specifically thank Mr. Bob Salminen for his generous donation of time, labor, and resources this year. After two unwanted run-ins with objects on the river, Mr. Salminen was able to repair the damage to the carbon fiber boat and have it looking fantastic in time for our next regatta. Without his help, the Viking Crew would have been out of luck until the end of the season.

Of course our team would be nowhere without our staff of devoted coaches. Notably, David Dressler spent many hours this summer filming and editing a fantastic new recruitment video for use on our website, which will serve us well in our endeavors to recruit new members and to show the world what we do. Through a tremendous amount of work on the part of Denny Matheou, Friends of Viking Crew has been established as an official booster organization for Viking Crew. Now alumni and distinguished guests may participate in rowing activities. These coaches have dedicated their time to make this team the success that it is.

Looking forward, this season we seek to become more competitive on the water, to get stronger, and to win medals. We will face challenges as our team expands, but growing pains are merely a sign of growing up. This year we will focus on finding more corporate sponsorships so that we may compensate our coaches more adequately, as do all other rowing teams. I look forward to further expanding our awareness on campus, and to beginning our new fundraising endeavor at the Browns stadium. I can tell that this team will go far because I can see it in the hard work and perseverance of everyone involved. We need each other to make this happen. Let’s have another fantastic season!

April Miller

President, CSU Rowing

 Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

Facebook page

You can find the latest news about the team on our facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/csurowing

A Message from the President

May 14, 2012

Hello Rowers, Officers and Coaches

It is my pleasure to sit down and write to all of you about how impressed I am with everyone’s efforts this season. It was the dedication and perseverance that transformed this group into a genuine family. It is easy to look back at all of our accomplishments this season and I would like to take the rest of the email to point out those very instances.

First off, I would like to say how cool it was to be able to show up in Florida ready to learn the basics of rowing and a close knit unit. With this new (old) contact and new boathouse connection we will have a powerful recruiting tool to add to our growing list of achievements. Everyone of you who went will need to express their experiences during orientations and recruitment tables to attract new members.

Secondly, we were able to accomplish, as a team, a task that at the time seemed almost insurmountable. Through hard work and a bit of luck we were able to acquire a new (slightly used) eight through the generous donation made by our team angel Pat Poole. Her efforts should be appreciated on every level and recognized as a true accomplishment amongst our team.

Thirdly, with the combined efforts from everyone on the team and especially are women’s captain – Tori – we had one of the most successful fundraisers i’ve heard about in past discussions. Going along with this day, our team came ready to battle as seven of us took metals at the annual Hammer Ergatta. I couldn’t be more proud of Hartwell Mueller, Anthony Adamo, Jeff Herold, Alex Kinney, Mike Sladewski, Erini Anthopoulos, and Tori Scheeff for getting a medal at this event. For all you others, you have it in you to be in the exact same place next year and don’t give up. You have the full team support behind you!

Fourthly, it will be a huge task but it is extremely exciting to remind everyone that your Cleveland State University will be hosting this upcoming years Hammer Ergatta. I will be heading the committee of a few members to make sure the event goes through with a success and will be looking for full participation in helping set up our first inaugural event!

In closing our end of the year party was a huge success and also, we are all thankful for Niki, Megan, Dave and last but definitely not least Denny Matheou! Denny was truly the link that held this team together and his unquestionable efforts are humbling and admirable. He set the bar for this team high because he knows that each of us have the heart and dedication to reach our goals of winning and growing the program. What we did this year is without a doubt something to look back on and be proud that we were apart of it.

Thank you for everyone’s effort all season long, I can’t begin to explain how proud I am to say I am a Cleveland State University rower and I look forward to this fall!

Your devoted Team President,


Remember you are this team!

Hammer Ergatta 2012

Hammer Ergatta 2012 Mens Race

The vikings were phenomenal today taking home 7 medals at the Hammer Ergatta! Wells Mueller took Silver for the Mens Open, Anthony Adamo won gold in the Mens Open Lightweight. Jeff Herold took Gold and Mike Sladewski got Bronze in the Mens Novice Open, Alex Kinney took Bronze in the Novice Lightweight, Tori Scheeff took Silver for the novice women, Erini Anthopoulos took Silver in the Coxswains 1k race! Way to show who the real vikings are!


CSU Rowing Hammer Ergatta Medal Winners

Hammer Ergatta Photos

Hammer Ergatta Results

Fundraiser $10 all you can eat and drink

Hammer Ergatta After-Party/Hammered-after-Hammer

Saturday, February 11, 2012

7:00pm until 9:00pm


Come out after the Hammer and join Cleveland State Rowing for good times with friends, competitors and colleagues. This event caters to the people who share the same interest in rowing as you do and will be looking for a relaxing night out after their 2k PR. So please come out and support our ever growing team and enjoy yourselves at our boathouse’s nearest neighbor – The Flat Iron. All are encouraged to come!

**All you can eat Pizza!

***All you can drink Bud Light drafts

****Cash Bar

*****Chinese Auction

******50/50 Raffle


Fall Rowers and Coxswains Needed

The Cleveland State crew club is looking for competitive individuals to help build on the success of their rowing program. Almost all athletes of the team have had no prior rowing experience. Viking Crew gives students a chance to compete at the collegiate level, provides them with a great team atmosphere, a chance to make new friends, learn to row and to improve your fitness.


The season begins August 29 2011 at 5:30am in the first bay of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Boathouse (1785 Merwin Ave). We’ll have an Open House on Wednesday Aug 31st and Thursday Sept 1st at 6pm for people interested in joining. You’ll have a chance to meet the coaching staff & club officers, go on a boathouse and river tour, and learn to row. Novices (new rowers) are welcome from Aug 30 until Sept 18, just come down to practice or the Open House.

What you need to know about our program:

Practices are mandatory, and boats are created based on attendance, technique, and strength.

The season is ~7 weeks long ending on ~Oct. 16th.

We will compete at 3-4 regattas usually on Saturdays.

Join our Google Group for team emails (http://groups.google.com/group/csurowing)

Overall, this Fall Season is meant to teach new rowers how to row and compete against the midwest schools at 5,000 meter Regattas (races).

Sign up Online or Email us at csurowing@gmail.com.

Join CSU’s Rowing Crew team

 Tuesday Jan 18 starts the Cleveand State University’s rowing team’s first official day of winter practices. For the next 8 weeks we will be training indoors on the ergometers (rowing machines) at the Cleveland State Recreation Center, and weight lifting in the afternoons. For spring break we will be traveling to Oak Ridge TN or staying in Cleveland for an intense week of team bonding and on the water training. After spring break we will have on the water practices Mon-Fri and Head-to-Head races around the Midwest.

The team is currently looking for new rowers interested in joining the most competitive sports club at Cleveland State University.

Email us or Sign up Online if you are interested in joining!  Although we are a Cleveland State Sports Club we compete at the same level as varsity teams.

Move to new Rivergate Boathouse


October 19 2010, The Cleveland State Rowing team has moved its equipment to the Rivergate Boathouse the new location of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation.  The CRF closed on the property a few months ago raising 3 million dollars to purchase the new property.  The foundation will now own its own land and has increased the amount of access to the river by 3 times as much.  

Cleveland State Rowing is very excited for the new facility as many of its members made donations to the CRF to help purchase the land.  The new facility will allow for more dock space that was crowded at times at the old facility and will allow for a bigger boathouse to be built to house more shells and teams that CSU can compete against.  Notre Dame College will be adding Men’s and Women’s Rowing in 2011, which will be another team for CSU to compete against.



Speakmon 2010


CSU takes Gold in the Womens Novice 4 race at the Speakmon! Beating OU, Toledo, Case and JCU.



The Mens Varsity 4 finished 2nd out of the 8 colleges behind U. of Cincinatti. Beating JCU mens 4. JCU had beat CSU 4 weeks prior at the Head of the Cuyahoga by 25 seconds. At this race CSU was 8 seconds ahead of JCU! Womens Varsity 4 improved their time vs Case. Mens Novice 4 takes 4th 8 seconds away from Case. Great results to finish the end of the season. Although the season is over the vikings are traing to be the top at the spring sprint races and go to the Dad Vails Championship regatta in Philladelphia. Thank you to all the friends and family that came to support the team. Special thanks to the Adamo’s friend and Komisars who let the team stay at their houses.


Head of the Ohio 2010


Hard work has paid off for the Women’s Novice 4s. CSU had 2 entries in the WN4 races and took both the Silver and Bronze medals, with Mercyhurst taking the Gold. Left in their wake was 2 Robert Morris U. boats and a Xavier U. boat. Congratulations ladies on your fine performance and representing the team and CSU so well.

Mens Varsity 4 places 9th out 17, beating Case (who they had lost to at the HotC by 20 seconds.) and comparing their time to JCU who was in the LTWT 4 event they were 10 seconds away, a 15 second improvement since HotC. Not bad for 1 varisty and 3 novices and 2 of which are ltwts. Go Viking Crew!

The Women’s Varsity 4 ended 21st out of 24, but made a big improvement compared to the Head of the Cuyahoga. Closing the gap between their time and John Carrol’s time by 70 seconds after 3 weeks! Not bad for having only 1 varsity rower.

The Men’s Novice 4 race finished up our races at the Head of the Ohio in Pittsburgh. The Men took silver finishing behind Duquesne University, and ahead of Xavier University. All of the Head of the Ohio 2010 results can be seen at: http://csurowing.com/files/Head-of-the-Ohio-2010-Results.pdf . Congrats to all the rowers on a job well done.

CSU takes gold at its first Head Race of the year

 The Cleveland State University Rowing Club competed Saturday Sept. 18 at the Head of the Cuyahoga. Racing its home town rivals Case, John Carrol and also out of town colleges: Wheaton College and Miami U.

The Mens Novice 4 took a Gold Medal with the line-up of Wells Mueller, Greg Vaughn, Mark Pace, Alex Brown and cox Jessica Komisar.

The Womens Novice 4 took Bronze with the rowers: Victoria Hahn, Tasha Brandt, Tina Giedeman, Caitlin Nageotte and cox Hanna Morris.

This was the first race for 12 of our rowers, who have had no previous experience. The novices are very strong this year and did very well. The varsity line-ups did well, but are at a disadvantage because we only have 1 varsity rower in each race. Although they are at a disadvantage many of the varsity are training twice a day and making a strong effort to be competitive in that category.

The team will be racing 5 boats at the Head of the Ohio held in Pittsburgh and 6 boats in the Speakmon Memorial Regatta held in Columbus.  

Go CSU Viking Crew!

Row for Cleveland State

 The Cleveland State crew club is looking for competitive individuals to help build on the success of their rowing program. Almost all athletes of the team have had no prior rowing experience. Viking Crew gives students a chance to compete at the collegiate level, provides them with a great team atmosphere, a chance to make new friends, learn to row and to improve your fitness.


The season begins August 30 2010 at 5:30am in the first bay of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Boathouse (1948 Carter Road). We’ll have an Open House on Wednesday Sept 1st and Thursday Sept 2nd at 6pm for people interested in joining. You’ll have a chance to meet the coaching staff & club officers, go on a boathouse and river tour, and learn to row. Novices (new rowers) are welcome from Aug 30 until Sept 18, just come down to practice or the Open House.

What you need to know about our program:

Practices are mandatory, and boats are created based on attendance, technique, and strength.

The season is 7 weeks long ending on Oct. 16th.

We will compete at 3-4 regattas usually on Saturdays.

Join our Google Group for team emails (http://groups.google.com/group/csurowing)

Overall, this Fall Season is meant to teach new rowers how to row and compete against the midwest schools at 5,000 meter Regattas (races).

Sign up Online or Email us at csurowing@gmail.com.

Head Coach Dressler

CSU Rowing looking to grow in Fall 2010

With CSU’s new university center opening up this summer, and new dorm rooms being built on east 24 the Viking crew team is expecting the team to grow much larger. Since summer of 2008 the school has been without a University Center and with the new one, the team will be able to have an office, and have a central location to pass out flyers, post a banner, and set up a recruiting table. The new dorms will allow for 1400 students to live on campus compared to 830. Half of CSU’s team is students who live on campus.

Crew team volunteers for River Sweep 2010

The viking crew team is known for its competitive attitude and willingness to volunteer.  On May 8th the team came down to the Rock Bottom, grabbed garbage bags, gloves, and headed out to clean up the flats.  The team was assigned canal road stretching from Sherwin Williams HQ to the west 3rd bridge.  Along the way the team picked up trash, beer cans, cigarette butts, old tires, and other items that were thrown onto the side of the road.  After 3 hours of cleaning up the area was all cleaned up.  The team headed back for a free t-shirt, pizza and a live band at the Nautica Pavilion.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered and made Cuyahoga river valley a lot cleaner.

Official Page: http://www.ohiocanal.org/riversweep.htm

2nd Silver Medal at MACRA

Results are in for the 46th Annual MACRA. All race entries for Cleveland State’s Rowing team advanced to finals.

The Women’s Novice 4 won the team a silver medal beating 7 other schools, finishing behind Ohio State, who they had beaten in the morning heat.

The Men’s Novice 4 finished 5th out of 11 schools beating: Chicago, Ohio U, U Cincinnati, John Carrol, Ohio State, and Lawerence.

This race ends the spring season for the team, anyone looking to join the team in the fall should contact Coach Dressler at csurowing@gmail.com.

CSU takes gold again in WV

Cleveland State’s rowing team raced this weekend at the West Virginia Governor’s Cup. The first race of the day was the Women’s novice 4. They had a great start and took the lead early on. 30 strokes into the race Xavier and Ohio U. had collided which caused a restart of the race. All the women had to turn around and restart the race. When they restarted the race the women took the lead again right from the start. As the race progressed they pushed away from 2 of the other boats but were pretty even with the Ohio U. Throughout the race they continued to pull away from all the boats and crossed the finish line in first place with open water between them and the rest of the boats. Overall the women place 2nd out of 9 women novice boats. Although times from the other heat could have had a different starting line due to the floating start. Congratulations to stroke Elizabeth Hecker, 3 seat Lydia Fullwiler, 2 seat Hanna Morris, bow Corey Lightfoot and coxswain Mark Pace.

The mens novice 4 raced a hard race against Carnegie Mellon and West Virginia State. They had a great start and took 1st leading the pack until the 1000 meter mark, when the taller crews were able to catch up to the Vikings. With 500m left in the race the men took their final sprint and ended up 1 boat length behind 1st and their bow ball in line with the coxswain of the 2nd place shell. The men finished 6 out of 10 overall. Cheers to stroke Wells Mueller, 3 seat Brooks Jones III, 2 seat Mark Pace, bow Anthony Adamo and coxswain Hanna Morris.

The last race was the mixed 8+ which the vikings fell to 6th, but had their bow on the 5th boats 2 seat.

Overall the team placed 9 out of 16 schools. Beating our home team rivals Case Western and John Carrol, and also beating Davidson, Charleston, Xavier, Wittenberg, Denison. Penn state took 1st, Virginia Tech took 2nd, and Carnegie Mellon in 3rd.

Viking Crew practices one last week and will then head to the Midwest American Championship Rowing Association regatta. They will face teams from Ohio State, Grand Valley, Carnegie Mellon and many other big schools.

Anyone interested in continuing Viking Crew’s success and wishes to join the team in the fall should email csurowing@gmail.com.


Spring Training

11 Rowers from CSU’s rowing team went to Oak Ridge TN to learn how  to row for the first time.  The team’s winter season has come  to an end and has started on water practices.  The mens 4 raced against the Army’s novice crew and the mens 8 raced against Skidmore College’s novice men.  The team is back in cleveland and training on the cuyahoga for the Home Schools Regatta in 3 weeks with local colleges: Baldwin Wallace, Case Crew, and John Carrol’s rowing team.

Viking Crew competes at its 1st MCES

Anthony Adamo and Wells Mueller traveled to Columbus OH this weekend to take on OSU, Denison, Miami and Cincinnati’s club rowing teams in the Mens Novice Lightweight and Mens Novice Open respectively.  Anthony placed 10th out of 15 with a 7:20.6.  Wells Mueller previously won the Gold medal at the Hammer Ergatta and was facing tougher competition this weekend.  He placed 2nd with a time of 6:35.2 to win the silver behind J Selby of OSU.  

The guys did well in the team’s first appearance at the Midwest Championship Erg Sprints and gave them an idea of how hard the competition will be at MACRAs in 2 months.Wells Mueller racing at Midwest Championship Erg Sprint 2010

Viking Crew wins 5 medals at the Hammer

The Viking Crew competed yesterday at the Hammer Ergatta against local colleges: John Carrol, Case Western, and Baldwin Wallace. The Vikings this year are all novices and mostly lightweights. The team brought home 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. Each team’s overall score were CSU 55, JCU with 70 and Case with 100. Making Case the winner of this year’s Hammer Cup. The scoring was based on the number of rowers you beat overall based on gender. The Vikings did very well considering the rowers are all novices and half of them were lightweights.

Here is a rower by rower break down of the events:

Novice Open Men

Wells Mueller came into the race with the fastest seed time. He had his sister come in from Michigan to cox him to a 6:34.0 the fastest time at the ergatta and the fastest Mens 2k score ever for the Vikings winning the Gold.

Brooks Jones the 3rd started the race off strong. During the last 600 meters of the race he was 25meters down from being in second. Brooks kept on with consistent power each stroke while the rower in second starting to get tired and weak. By 300 meters brooks had broke through and took 2nd place and finished with 5 meters ahead. Finishing with at 6:51.5 winning the Silver.

Ryan Noles shaved off 19 seconds from his personal record finishing at a 8:10.5

Novice Ltwt Men

Anthony Adamo had his eyes on the Gold finished with an impressive time of 7:14.7, tenths of a second behind 1st to win the silver. He beat his personal record of 7:30.4.

Michael Murtaugh finished his first 2k this season with a 7:55.2.

Mark Pace really dropped the hammer and his 2k time. Breaking his PR by 45 seconds and finishing with a 7:46.6.

Novice Open Women

Cory Lightfoot had the women’s team 2nd fastest time with an 8:30.

Brittany Prutton has improved the most for the women’s team by dropping her time by 40 seconds and finishing at 9:14.2.

Novice Ltwt Women

Elizabeth Hecker was neck and neck with first place and finished close behind with an 8:25.6 winning the Silver.

Lydia Fullwiler followed Elizabeth close behind her to finish at 8:37.6 dropping her PR by 12 seconds and winning the Bronze.

Hanna Morris had a great race and dropped her PR by 15 seconds to finish at 9:13.5.  

Coaches Dressler, Kotula and Widen are all very proud of the athletes. The athletes have been training very hard since the beginning of the spring semester. Everyone dropped their 2K times and beat their Personal Records. The athletes represented Cleveland State with pride and will be a tough team to beat at the the upcoming regattas.


This Saturday Wells and Anthony will be going to the team’s first Midwest Championships Erg Sprints in Columbus to take on U. of Cincinnati, Miami, Ohio State, and Denison. The competition will be tougher than the Hammer and will give the guys an idea on how they stack up against the bigger schools.

After the MCES, the team will be getting ready to go on the water for spring break and then compete in 3-4 regattas this spring. The team still needs 2 more men and 1 more woman to join to compete in eights.  We also will need 2 coxswains.  Please email csurowing@gmail.com if you’re interested in joining the fun and competition.

Team to compete at Hammer this weekend

The CSU club rowing team will be competing against Baldwin Wallace, Case Western and John Carrol universities this Sunday starting at 10:15am.  12 Athletes from CSU will compete in this 2000m race on rowing machines (ergometers).  You can see the team’s entries on regatta central.  The team is set to win 1 Gold, 3 silvers, and 1 bronze medal in its 4 competitions and the team is also set to have the fastest 2k time for the entire ergatta based on the seed times.

This year’s Hammer will be different from years past as the CRF has decided to host the Ergatta to boost participation of more schools and to help fund the new boathouse.  There will be monitors set up to watch each competitor’s progress through the race.  DJ E will be spinning beats for the athletes.  There will also be ’36 Views of a Bridge’, a video art installation.

The event will be held at St. Ignatius in the Murphy Field house.  We hope to have many spectators with viking hats cheering on the Viking Crew as the compete to defend the Hammer Cup.  Hope you can make it.


Join the 2010 Rowing team

Tuesday Jan 19 starts the Cleveand State University’s rowing team’s first official day of winter practices. For the next 9 weeks we will be training indoors on the ergometers (rowing machines) at the boathouse, and weight lifting in the afternoons at the Rec Center. For spring break we will be traveling to either Lake Lure NC or Oak Ridge TN for an intense week of team bonding and on the water training. After spring break we will have on the water practices Mon-Fri and Head-to-Head races around the Midwest.

The team is currently looking for new rowers interested in joining the most competitive and wild sports club at Cleveland State University.

Email us or Sign up Online if you are interested in joining!


Viking Crew medals at Speakmon 2009

The Viking Crew ended there Fall 2009 Season at the Head of the Speakmon Regatta.  The Mens Novice 4+ beat John Carrol by a tenth of a second and Wittenberg U. by 3 minutes to take home the Silver.  They were about a minute behind the Ohio University Mens Crew.  The Womens Novice 4+ took home a bronze finishing behind 2nd place CASE by 18 seconds and JCU by a bit.  Head Coach Dressler and Asst. Coach Widen were happy with the results seeing as how most of the rowers didn’t join the team until 3 weeks ago.  Most other novices have had 9 weeks to practice. 

The team will finish its year with the Annual end of the fall season celebration and ceremony.

The team will begin its Winter training Season Janaury 19th 2010.  If your interested in joining please email csurowing@gmail.com.

CSU Rowing Alumni beats Harvard University

This weekend was the 40th Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA.  CSU Viking Alumni Scott Spatny raced in teh Clubs Fours Men taking 15th out of 55 boats and beating Crews from Harvard, Yale, Boston U, etc…

Congrats to Scott and his boatmates on showing the world how great Cleveland rowing is.



Next weekend the CSU Viking Crew Novices will be racing their first race at the Head of the Speakmon in Columbus Ohio.

New Practice Time

Due to popular demand, the team will now practice from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Now you can sleep in and row in the evening!  We are still looking for new rowers come down to practice at 6pm!  We are looking for new rowers all season and rowing is a great walk- on sport!

Join the Fall 2009 Team

The 9th year of the Cleveland State University Rowing Club Sports Team begins August 26 2009 at 7pm in Cleveland in the first bay of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Boathouse (1948 Carter Road).  For the first week novices (new rowers) will practice at 7pm Aug 26,27,28.  Starting Aug 31st practices will be every Monday-Friday at 5:30am.  An introduction to the coaching staff, club officers, and learning how to row.

This season we are looking to acquire enough for two novice eight boats.  No Experience is necessary.  We are looking for full time CSU students who want to learn how to row, improve upon their fitness, and master the technique of rowing.  We will be discussing our team goals during the first week so we may tweak the training program.

What you need to know about our program:

Practices are mandatory, and boats are created based on attendance, technique, and strength.

The season is 9 weeks long ending on Oct. 24th.

We will compete at 3-4 regattas usually on Saturdays.

No rowing experience required

Communication is primarily made via our GoogleGroup – please join!

Overall, this Fall Season is meant to teach new rowers how to row and compete against the midwest schools at 5,000 meter Regattas (races).

I look forward to this season, meeting and teaching new rowers!

Sign up Online or Email us at csurowing@gmail.com.

-Coach Dressler


Coaching Changes

Cleveland State Rowing says goodbye to Ron Dorchak and thanks him for his hard work the past 3 years.  Taking the team to twice to Dad Vails the largest regatta in the United States and making the team the most competitive its ever been.  Sweeping all the Cleveland schools last spring season at the Homeschool regatta.  Ron’s abilities were noticed by members of the other college Teams and has been offered the Head Coach position at John Carrol’s rowing team.  We wish him the best of luck and thank him for his 3 years of volunteering!  Also missing this year will be Tom Kotula but that’s alright because he is on a 2,000 mile journey to help Habitat for Humanity down the intercoastal waterway. 

Taking there places will be Maddy Widen who rowed for Shaker Hts. in HS and Mercyhurst for college.  She will be the team’s 2nd ever female coach.  She has more than 10 years of rowing experience and will be a great addition to the team.


Coach to row 2000 miles

Coach Tom Kotula has been coaching the team for 2 years and was a rower for 4 years (2002-2006).  He has been working on converting a sail boat he bought last fall into a row boat.  He plans to row from Cleveland to Key West.  While on his trip, he plans to work with Habitat for Humanity and provide aid to those who need it most in the during this economic depression.   

A current rower and CSU Senior Jon Hauserman will be rowing with Tom for two months.  Jon has been involved with the construction of the riggers and boat modifications.  Both Tom and Jon are CSU Fenn College of Engineering Mechanical Engineers.

The CSU rowing team wishes him luck on his trip and thanks him for his 2 years of volunteering as a CSU rowing coach.

More information and photos can be found at www.habitatcrew.com.

Cleveland College Summer Rowing Begins!

By Ron Dorchak

The 4th Season of the Collegiate Summer Rowing league begins today in Cleveland in the first bay of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Boathouse (1948 Carter Road).  Practices will be every Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00pm and Saturdays at 9:30am. An introduction to the coaching staff and explanation of the program will occur on Tuesday.

This program is designed to satisfy your rowing needs. If you are looking to improve upon fitness, technique, or both, the coaching staff will specifically cater practices to you. We will be discussing our team goals during the first week so we may tweak the training program.

What you need to know about our program:

  • Practices are not mandatory, and boats are created on a first come first serve basis. Also, you may be asked to cox from time to time.
  • Lasts approximately 2 months long
  • $75 per person, $50 for CRF members. Checks will be due after two weeks.
  • Some rowing experience required
  • Communication is primarily made via our Yahoo Group “Summer Cleveland Collegiate Rowing” – please join!

Overall, Summer Rowing is meant to be laid back, fun, and a good chance to get some solid rows in. I hope to see you there!



Dad Vails 2009


The CSU rowing team is a club team and competed this weekend against varsity rowing teams. CSU was originally scheduled to race as a D2/D3 school but after talking with Dad Vail officials we were moved into the D1 category since Cleveland State’s Athletic teams compete as division 1.


The Women’s Varsity 4 had a great race and had great technique. All four oar blades off the water, great catch and finish timing, and staying long in the water. Although they had great technique a jammed rudder caused them to take a few strokes light on the starboard side, because the boat could only turn to the port side. Its hard to say if their rudder had not been jam, if they could of been able to make up 5 seconds to finish in the top 18. They finished 28th, beating 9 other D1 varsity teams. Here is who they beat:

28 CLEVELAND ST 166 05:19.739

29 PURDUE 82 (Emily Fithian) 05:20.069

30 USMA 108 (Christina Quimby) 05:20.531

31 MARQUETTE 57 (Jenna Johnson) 05:20.733

32 NEW YORK U. 67 (Brooke Lieberwitz) 05:23.817

33 GEORGE MASON 40 (Jennifer Mockler) 05:23.933

34 OLD DOM-CLUB 76 (Mary Kent) 05:33.153

35 BINGHAMTON 5 (Erin Crawford) 05:33.301

36 PITTSBURGH 81 (Allison O’day) 05:36.087

37 MARYLAND – CP 59 (Kelly Grob) 05:41.809

To advance to semi-finals the WV4 had to be in the top 18 in their race. Although they didn’t go to semi finals they did well against the toughest competition around the United States. Had the team been able to compete at the D2/D3 level they would have made it to semi finals and would of placed 12th out of 30.

Here are the schools they would have beat in the D2/D3 category:

12 ROCHESTER 84 (Hannah Stenger) 05:19.925

13 CARNEGIE MELLON 13 (Megan Larcom) 05:20.249

14 PHILADELPHIA U. 80 (Carolyn Steinberg) 05:20.937

15 BRANDEIS 8 (Laura Hand) 05:23.075

16 OKLAHOMA CITY U. 75 (Katie Sondag) 05:23.111

17 RUTGERS – CAMDEN 87 (Kathryn Yannes) 05:23.419

18 CHICAGO 21 (Sonya Ringer) 05:23.825

19 GRAND VALLEY 42 (Alissa Hatten) 05:25.027

21 CASE 14 (Katie Puttmann) 05:26.203

22 NC STATE 69 (Sharon Licata) 05:26.757

23 CATHOLIC U 15 (Ashley Berkheimer) 05:28.577

24 JOHNS HOPKINS 48 (Vanessa Damm) 05:30.085

25 COLL OF CHAR 19 (Emily Hall) 05:31.937

26 SAINT THOMAS 91 (Gina Foschi) 05:33.731

27 LAWRENCE 51 (Katrina Devore) 05:35.467

28 JOHN CARROLL 47 (Anjali Kottha) 05:41.609

29 COLL OF NJ 66 (Jessica Miller) 05:48.777

30 CENTRAL OKLAHOMA 18 (Erin Crain) 05:59.667

Congrats to Viking crew for a great 2009 season. Hope to see you for a fun summer season and to start training for the next season when school resumes in the fall.

Farewell to our seniors, may the lessons you learned in school and while rowing carrying you to great success in your life and career.

Division 1 Women’s Varsity four Results 

Division 2/3 Women’s Varsity four Results

Viking crew to compete Dad Vails 2009

The Cleveland State University’s Womens Varsity 4 is spending their last week of school studying for finals and preparing for their last regatta of the season.  Practicing twice a day and training for their biggest race ever.

They will be competing against 32 other universities from around the midwest.  Here is a list of their competition:

Amherst College Rowing Association (A)

Barry University (A)

Bowdoin Rowing Association (A)

Brandeis University Crew (A)

Carnegie Mellon University Rowing Club (A)

Case Crew (A)

Catholic University (A)

Cleveland State University (A)

College of Charleston Crew (A)

Dowling College Crew (A)

Emory Crew Club (A)

Franklin Pierce University (A)

Grand Valley State University Rowing Team (A)

John Carroll University Crew (A)

Johns Hopkins University Crew (A)

Lawrence University Rowing Club (A)

McGill University Rowing Club (A)

Mercyhurst College Rowing (A)

N.C. State University (A)

Northwestern State University (A)

Nova Southeastern University (A)

Oklahoma City University (A)

Philadelphia University (A)

Rochester Institute of Technology Crew (A)

Rutgers University (Camden) (A)

Sonoma State Rowing Club (A)

The College of New Jersey (A)

University of Central Oklahoma (A)

University of Charleston (A)

University of Rochester (A)

University of St. Thomas Crew Club (A)

William and Mary Rowing Club (A)

University of Chicago Crew (B)

Go CSU Viking Crew!


MACRA Regatta

The viking crew competed this weekend in Grand Rapids Michigan against some very competitive schools.  Leading the team was the WV4 who finished in 1st place in their first heat and 2nd in the Grand Finals, bringing home the team’s first Silver Medal at MACRAs!  The MV4, WN4, and WV8 also competed and rowed hard.  Congrats to the WN4, WV8, and MV4 on a great spring season see you in the summer and fall seasons. 

The Women’s Varsity four will be practicing intensly this final week for the team’s final regatta: Dad Vails.  Dad Vails is the biggest regatta and will have over 130 different colleges racing there.  With an entry fee of $300 we only send our top boats and our womens varsity four has been training hard since the first day of practice on January 7.  This is the team’s second time at Dad Vails and we hope to qualify for the Grand Finals and show that CSU may be a club team with little funding, but has the heart and drive to compete against the big guys.

Viking crew competes at 2009 WV Governor’s Cup

This past weekend the Viking Crew competed at the West Virginia Governor’s Cup. The results the races are up: http://csurowing.org/files/WestVirginiaGovernor’sCup2009Results.pdf

Our Women’s Novice 4 placed 1st

Our Women’s Varsity 4 placed 3rd, 5 seconds from 1st place Carnegie Melon, and 3 seconds from 2nd place Miami

Our Women’s Varsity 8 made it to finals

Our Men’s Varsity 4 with 3 novice rowers were .1 second away from going to the final heat.

Overall we placed 6th out of 15 schools!

1 Carnegie Mellon

2 Miami

3 Virginia Tech

4 Ohio

5 Duquesne

6 Cleveland State

7Case Western

8 Xavier

9 Charleston

10 Davidson

11 Old Dominion

12 John Carroll

13 West Virginia

14 Denison

15 Wittenberg

This next weekend we’ll be in Grand Rapids MI for the MACRA’s Regatta, and the following weekend the Womens Varsity 4 will be going to Dad Vails. Which is a held “annually on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the largest regular intercollegiate rowing event in the USA, drawing over a hundred colleges and universities from North America.” – Wikipedia

CSU wins 2009 Home Schools Regatta!

Cleveland State University’s Rowing team won their first Home School’s Regatta Cup in the team’s 9 year history.  They also had their first ever SHUTOUT!  Winning all six scheduled races! 

Team hopes to win 1st Home Schools Regatta

The Cleveland State University rowers have been waking up before sunrise ever since January.  They have trained indoors during the winter running upstairs, rowing on ergometers, and weight lifting.  Since spring break they have been on the Cuyahoga river training for their upcoming races.  

This weekend they will be racing at home against their local rivals: CASE and JCU.   CSU has came close in the past to winning this regatta.  In 2006 they were tied for 1st before the last race and lost by a few seconds to CASE.  This season might be the season CSU finally wins this regatta.  Two months ago, Cleveland State won against CASE and JCU in the Hammer Ergatta (indoor ergometer race) for the first time.  CSU rowing hopes to continue its winning record this weekend.

Races start at 8:15 am and end at 12pm.  If you’re downtown be sure to watch and cheer on the CSU Vikings!  The race can bee seen at the Carter Rd Bridge.

CSU wins Hammer Ergatta Cup

 The Cleveland State University Rowing Team won its first Ergatta Cup in its team’s 9 year History.

Team heads to Spring Training

 12 Rowers from the Cleveland State Rowing Team packed up clothes and left Saturday morning for 1 week of 15 practices.  Spring break for a is the first time for rowers practicing on the water since the Fall Season.   When the team returns they will be practicing be back to practicing on the Cuyahoga.

Looking for New Rowers

Today started the Cleveand State University’s rowing team’s first official day of practice.  For the next 9 weeks we will be training indoors on the ergometers (rowing machines) at the boathouse, and weight lifting in the afternoons at the Rec Center.  For spring break we will be traveling to Oak Ridge TN for an intense week of team bonding and on the water training.  After spring break we will have on the water practices Mon-Fri and spring Head to Head races around the Midwest.

The team is currently looking for new rowers interested in joining the most competitive sports club at Cleveland State University.

Email us or Sign up Online if you are interested in joining!

Vikings Complete Successful Fall Season

Columbus, OH – On Saturday, October 25, 2008, the Cleveland State University Rowing team competed in the Jack Speakmon Memorial Regatta. This race annually attracts many of the top high school and collegiate rowing teams in the Midwest, and this year was no different. Local colleges John Carol University and Case Western University were in attendance, and interstate rivals Ohio State University, Ohio University, Xavier, and Cincinnati also entered numerous boats. The Men’s team entered two races: the Open Four and the Novice Four. The Open Four, consisting of Jon Hauserman and three novices, Adam Hoya, Jeff Cook, Alec Phillips and coxswain Stephen Hanawalt took 12th out of 20, and 4th out of 8 colleges:

2. Dayton 17:53
10. Ohio U 18:29
11. John Carroll 18:36
12. Cleveland State 18:37

14. Case Western 19:04
15. Denison 19:21
18. Xavier 19:46
19. Wittenburg 19:59

This race marked the mens team’s first win over Case Western this season. The Men’s Novice Four appeared to be one of the fastest crews in their event, but disaster struck when they collided with another boat about 100 meters before the finish line. The crew consisting of Stephen Hanawalt, Adam Hoya, Jeff Cook, and Earl Caldwell lost almost a whole minute of time trying to get back on to the course but ended up still taking 7th out of eleven and beating Case Western University’s novice men.
2. Butler 19:39
5. Toledo 20:57
6. Ohio 21:15
7. Cleveland State 21:19

11. Case Western 24:05

Viking Women’s Rowing showed their promise as Midwest contenders by medaling in all three of their events. The Women’s Collegiate Novice 8 of Samantha Shunk, Mary Kay Pienta, Marcelina Sladewska, Katie Omundson, Alex Brinkman, Monika Velovic, Tanja Stich, and Krystle George and coxswain Megan Wilinski reigned supreme over the field of 9 boats. This gold medal performance was the first win in an eight for CSU in over 5 years, and the first fall race gold in an eight ever:
1. Cleveland State 19:57
2. Robert Morris 20:21
3. Ohio 21:53
4. Xavier 22:22
5. John Caroll 23:46
6. Wittenburg 24:12
7. Ohio State 24:41
8. Ohio State B 25:25
9. Ohio State C 28:44

The Women’s Open Four, consisting of veteran Amanda Lee and novices Samantha Shunk, Mary Kay Pienta, Marcelina Sladewska, and coxswain Megan Wilinski had a strong showing, placing 3rd out of 9 boats. Their bronze was the first medal the varsity women have ever earned at this regatta.
1. Robert Morris A 19:28
2. Case Western A 20:30
3. Cleveland State 20:44
4. Robert Morris B 20:50
5. John Caroll 21:32
6. Robert Morris C 21:58
7. Cincinnati 22:26
8. Case Western B 23:10
9. Wittenburg 24:05

Finally, the Women’s Novice Four of Mary Kay Pienta, Katie Omundson, Alex Brinkman, Krystle George, and coxswain Marcelina Sladewska dominated their race and also earned a gold, giving the CSU Novice Women a clean sweep of the collegiate novice field:
1. Cleveland State 22:38
2. Cincinnati 22:58
3. Butler 23:17
4. John Carroll 23:39
5. Robert Morris 23:41
6. Case Western A 25:18
7. Denison 29:00
8. Case Western B 32:38

Wyandotte, MI – For those who were interested in getting one last race on the water this fall, the Cleveland State University Rowing Team took a small group of rowers to Michigan on Sunday, November 2nd. The Viking Crew entered only four races. The competition was minimal and many races were cancelled or combined due to too few of entries. The Vikings brought home gold medals in the Mens Novice Four and Womens Novice Four. The Womens Open Four also came home with a bronze.

Viking Crew places well at Head of the Ohio

Novice rowers competing at the Varsity level place well amongst seasoned veterans.

Vikings win Silver and Bronze at HOTC 2008

Men’s Novice 4 win Silver and Women’s Novice 4 wins Bronze at the fall Home Regatta.

Viking Crew to Compete at Head of the Cuyahoga 2008

Viking Crew to Compete at Head of the Cuyahoga 2008

By David Dressler

The Cleveland State Rowing Club has been practicing at 5:30am since the beginning of school to compete at this weekend’s regatta in the Flats.  They will be competing against Westerville, John Carrol, CASE western, Michigan State, University of Toledo, Ann Arbor, Duquesne University and many other schools.

The team will be competing in 6 events starting at 9:05am till 1:40pm. The race is a 4200m race down the winding river of the Cuyahoga. If you’re downtown near the river be sure to look for the Viking Crew rowing with their green oars with white crosses.

Go CSU Rowing!!!

MACRA’s Regatta 2008

Women’s Team Earns First Medal at MACRA Regatta

By Ron Dorchak

Athens, OH – With 15 entrees consisting of some of the top collegiate clubs in the Midwest, the Women’s Novice Four came to the 44th annual Mid-America Collegiate Rowing Association regatta with one goal: to win Cleveland State University’s first championship. The girls certainly were capable of doing so, coming off a victory the week before and having a tremendous week of practice.

In their heat, the Vikings lined up against Midwest rivals Grand Valley, University of Chicago, and Cincinnati. Knowing that only the first place and two next fastest times from the heats would advance, the girls had no choice but to win the heat outright. At the start, the CSU crew came out with their usual rapid burst, but this time they found themselves met with a strong crew from Cincinnati. The Bearcats rowed stroke for stroke with the Vikings until the 1000 meters mark when the CSU girls made their mid race move and took open water. For the remainder of the race, CSU pushed back the feisty Cincinnati boat and earned an automatic trip to the finals with the 8 second victory. Their time of 8:19 for 2050 meters was the second fastest of the novice girl’s for the day, only 3 seconds slower than Michigan State University.

1) CSU 8:19
2) Cincinnati 8:27
3) Grand Valley 8:36
4) University of Chicago 9:13

For only the second time in team history, the girls were in contention to win at the MACRA regatta. Four of the five boats in the finals all had heat times within ten seconds, so the final could be won by anyone. The Vikings jumped the start with tenacity, taking a seat lead on all crews. Through the first 500 meters, CSU, North Park, and Michigan State were dead even and battling hard for an edge. By the 1000 meter mark, North Park made a strong move and took three seats from Michigan State and was close to getting open water from CSU. Through the 1500 meter mark, North Park was the clear leader with open water on Michigan State and with an open length on CSU. With 400 meters left, the Viking Crew made their sprint and began walking back into the Spartan girls from Michigan State. The MSU crew held on as did North Park, and the third boat to cross the finish line was CSU. The bronze was the second time a CSU boat medaled at MACRAs, the last being the Men’s Lightweight Four in 2006. This was the first time a women’s boat even made it to the final, let alone earn a bronze.

The race concluded the season for the Vikings and set the tone for the offseason. All four girls will return next season in the fall.

1) North Park 8:25
2) Michigan State 8:34
3) Cleveland State 8:36
4) Ohio State 8:53
5) Cincinnati 9:02

Macras Womens Novice 4

West Viriginia Governor’s Cup 2008

Novice Women Strike Gold in West Virginia

By Ron Dorchak

The Cleveland State University Novice Women’s Four travelled to Charleston, West Virginia on Saturday, April 26th to compete for the Governor’s Cup. The Viking Crew of Ami Hinks (coxswain), Amanda Lee (Stroke), Samantha Shunk (3), Mary Kay Pienta(2), and Marcelina Sladewska (1) had never competed as a four together and had only been practicing as a crew for three weeks. Sladewska joined the team a few days before the Cleveland Home Schools Regatta before racing in the Varsity Four event, while Pienta joined the following week, never having raced. Shunk joined the team in February and participated in the team’s winter training. Lee, the only “experienced” rower, began rowing in the fall and was able to make the Varsity Four for that season as a novice.

Heading into the heat, the odds appeared to be against the Viking crew that had virtually no 2000 meter rowing experience other than practice. With an impending thunder storm on the horizon and tough competition, the fate of the Novice Women was likely to be ghastly.

The Novice Four lined up for their very first competitive race and went off the line with an impressively quick start, taking a lead on all crews. 500 meters into the race, the Vikings had open water on all boats. They never relinquished their lead, winning the heat by several boat lengths. The girls produced the fasted Novice Four time of the day, giving them the top lane for the finals.

Winning the heat instilled confidence in the ladies, and they got a taste of what victory feels like. Using their early day momentum, the Viking Crew headed into the final as the first heavy rain of the day began to fall combined with a gusty headwind.

The final began quickly as did the CSU fire powered start, giving the girls an early lead once again. However, thirty strokes into the final, a collision occurred with one of the crews, and the race was to be restarted from the 1300 meter mark. On the second try, the Novice Women had an awkward start, with one of the girls missing water and the boat slightly losing its course. However, the Vikings got back on track and began walking through all the boats. By the halfway point, Cleveland State rowed past Case Western Reserve University, which had beaten CSU at the Home School regatta by over 10 seconds. With 300 meters to go, the ladies increased their speed and sprinted to the finish with an open two boat lead on all crews. Erupting in joy, the girls high-fived on the dock and congratulated each other on their first West Virginia Governor’s Cup victory since 2006.

1) Cleveland State 6:47.2
2) Case Western 6:55.8
3) Carnegie Mellon B 7:07.0
4) Virginia Tech 7:07.5
5) Carnegie Mellon A 7:08.8
6) Carnegie Mellon C 7:46.6


Hammer Ergatta 2008

Four Viking Crew Members medal at Hammer Ergatta

By David Dressler

The Cleveland State Rowing Club has been practicing at 6am since January 7th to get ready for last Sunday’s Ergatta.  They raced against home school rivals John Carroll and Case Western.  

Hundreds came to compete in the Cleveland Ergatta held at Case Western’s Veal Center.  The Ergatta is a race with ergometers (rowing machines) where competitors race 2000 meters usually lasting a grueling 7+ minutes.

Viking Crew took home 4 medals. The incredible varsity lightweight woman Megan Willinski won Gold.  The 4 year varsity lightweight man Anthony Roberts came home with a silver in his hand.  Our amazing novice rower Baba Nylander won silver in the Open competition, and the Team’s President Amanda Lee won bronze in the Open competition.

The team relay competition was the last race of the competition.  A group of 3 men and 3 women from each school raced 3000 meters, switching out every 500 meters.

The Viking Crew will be having a Row-A-Thon that will benefit the team and help pay for new equipment.  The Row-A-Thon is a fundraiser the team does every year in the spring.  Every rower on the team collects sponsors and rows for an hour straight and receive money for how many meters they row in that hour.

The Viking Crew will be traveling to Oak Ridge, TN this spring break to prepare for on-water races.  The first regatta for this season starts at the End of March.  The team competes with Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan State, Notre Dame, U of Pittsburg, Duquesne, Marietta, Mercyhurst, John Carroll, and Case Western.  The team is very competitive having won Gold medals at 3 out of 4 of its Regatta’s last spring season.

There’s still time for new rowers to join the team. If you’re interesting in joining the team, please email the team at rowing@csuohio.edu or call the Club’s President Amanda Lee at 440 554-3746. The team is open to all students and is a great way to get involved at CSU, get in great shape, compete, and create great friendships.

Viking Crew: Not Crabbing


Francis X. Bova III,

CSU Cauldron

Cleveland State’s Rowing Club trained in Oak Ridge, Tenn. for spring
break. But with the weeklong session in the past, it’s been back to the
daily sweat and grind on the good old Cuyahoga River.

For varsity and novice rowers, the teams’ top priority was making sure
everyone was ready for on-water races. “Rowing is very aerobic and is a
full-body workout,” Cleveland State Rowing Club president Aliza Beastrom

“We wake up and practice at 5:30 a.m. and are on the water until 7:30

Beastrom, a senior, also is the women’s captain and has been part of the
club for nearly three years.

“Its very physical demanding and every rower had no prior experience,”
Beastrom said.

No one on the club rowed during high school or at a prior college,
according to Beastrom.

Alex Martin has been rowing with the club for two years, and agrees the
sport is physical demanding.

“It’s rough, but you get used to it,” Martin said.

Established in 2000, the Viking Crew travels all over the Midwest
competing against a wide variety of competition in both men and women
regattas and ergattas.

The crew has competed in Philadelphia, Boston, Indiana, and in Athens,
Ohio over the last three years.

Ergatta’s are indoor events using ergometers (rowing machines) in which
competitors race 2000 meters usually for seven minutes.

At the Hammer Ergatta held at John Carroll on Feb. 18, the Viking Crew
took home four medals. Varsity lightweights Megan Willinski and four-year
rower David Dressler won bronze in the men’s and women competition. In
novice races, Elise Wintering won
silver in lightweight competition, and Kristen Richards won
bronze in open competition. Wintering is considered a novice but can race varsity,
according to Beastrom.

In the teamrelay competition a group of
three men and women from various universities raced 3000
meters. The teams would switch out every 500 meters. The
Viking Crew took second place, losing by 10 seconds to John
Carroll’s A-Team.

On Saturday in very cold and snowy conditions, the team
traveled to Pennsylvania for the Mercyhurst Invitational. The
crew raced against Mercyhurst, Buffalo, D’Youville and Robert
Morris–well funded teams, who are on scholarship to row. The varsity women in a four person boat finished in
first place.

“It’s a really big win, because Mercyhurst hasn’t been
beaten at their invitational in years,” Beastrom said referring to both
men’s and women’s competition. “And it’s the first time CSU
Women have ever beaten Mercyhurst.”

The invitational was almost cancelled because of the
weather, according to Beastrom.

But the most important aspect of the victory for the women
was it kept their hope for competing in the NCAA Spring
Nationals alive.

“You have to apply for it,” Beastrom said. “So, we really
have to prove ourselves, and it helps we’re undefeated.”

The club is not officially recognized on the NCAA website,
because it is a club sport at Cleveland State. The club has to
fill out a declaration to compete form. When they aren’t on
the road the rowers can be found at a community boathouse in
The Flats – usually in the wee hours of the morning.

The Cleveland Rowing Foundation operates the only boathouse
in Northeast Ohio. The foundation attracts over 800 high
school, collegiate and adult athletes to the banks of the
Cuyahoga River, according to the foundations website.

Case Western Reserve, John Carroll, Baldwin Wallace and
Cleveland State share the boathouse on a regular basis.
Despite the close quarters the rowers don’t really notice
except when on the water.

“Sharing is not a problem at all,” Martin said. “It’s good
to scrimmage with them, and since we’re all on different time
schedules it’s not a big deal.”

One major event the club is looking ahead too is the fourth
annual Ohio Cup hosted by Ohio State University on April 14.
The Ohio Intercollegiate State Championship is on the line at
the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir in Shawnee Hills.

“The Ohio Cup we’re really excited about,” Beastrom said.
“It’s our chance to prove we are the fastest school in Ohio.”

Katie Salvator, a senior and member of the women’s rowing
crew at Ohio State, is in charge of organizing the event and
expects five teams to compete.

“Medals are awarded to the top three boats in each race and
a point’s trophy to the winning team overall,” Salvator said.

If Cleveland State does medal, they may owe a debt of
gratitude to a new boat they recently unwrapped – and their
coaches. “We’re fortunate because we have awesome volunteer
coaches who put in time for no reason except to see the team
get better,” Beastrom said.

And the new boat is already winning over the club. “The
first time that boat was in a race it took first place, so it
has a good track record,” Beastrom Said.

To learn more about the club visit csuohio.edu/rowing.

Home Schools Regatta, Homeboyz

By Peter Rozman

With Spring Break training in Tennessee out of the way,
the Cleveland State Rowing Club has officially started its water training on
the Cuyahoga.  With some new faces, and a lot of returning members,
practices have been tough but effective.  The returning Varsity members,
along with the coaches, are helping to shape the Novice crews into tip-top
shape.  With only a week of on the water training for some of the members,
the Cleveland State Vikings brought their skills to the Home Schools
Regatta.  Competing with Case and John Carol, Cleveland State was ready to
square off with some local competition.  Awarding one point for each race
won, the school with the most points at the end of the day was awarded a
trophy for their efforts. 

With a women�s eight, men�s
eight, and a pair of men�s and women�s fours going out, Cleveland State
represented quite well with a total of six boats.  The men�s eight raced
first thing in the morning, and faced some rough competition from Case
Western Reserve University.  Working with a new lineup, there are still some
kinks that need to be worked out for the men�s eight to really shine.  The
woman�s eight faced the same situation, and both boats are eager to get it

all together and start winning more races.  As for the fours, both men�s
boats beat their competitors, but only the A boat advanced to the next
heat.  The men�s A boat beat out John Carol by almost two boat-lengths,
while the men�s B boat chose to keep the race a little closer and won by a
boat-length or so.  Both victories added two points to CSU�s total. 
Cleveland State�s A boat advanced to the final heat against Case Western
Reserve and pulled strong and hard.  Unfortunately, Case was determined to
get the win and took it from CSU�s reach. 

The Varsity women�s boat did a
phenomenal job of keeping the competitors at bay with their sweet boat and
really helped bring in the points.  Winning overall for the women�s four
division, the Varsity four, (Alliza Beastrom, Julie Cepelnik, Krystle Kulon,
and Megan Wilinski) put two points on the board.  We are hoping that these
fine ladies will continue to bring pride and gold medals to our fine rowing

At the end of the day, Case
Western Reserve ended up with five points, Cleveland State University with
four and John Carol with one.  With one regatta out of the way and on the
boards, the Cleveland State Rowing Club has its sights set on improvement
and gold medals in the near future!

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CSU Spring Break Training Recap

By David Dressler

The Cleveland State rowing team went to Oak Ridge, TN
over the spring break to prepare for the seasons upcoming races.  Oak
Ridge was a great place to train with weather conditions of 70+ degrees
and clear skies for the whole week.  The team spent 5 whole days
conditioning.  Fourteen rowers and two of our four volunteer coaches made
the trip down to dixie.

Unveiled at spring Break was the team�s brand new
Vespoli Ultra-lite 4 man shell.  This new boat combined with our new set of
oars purchased last year will give the team a leg up at competition.

Spring Break practices were a combination of rowing,
running and circuit workouts.  Rowers ran from their hotel to practice which
was a 5 mile trek and then jumped into boats and rowed for 2 hour long
Practices.  Circuit workouts focused on strengthening the rowers legs (the
muscle that generates the most force in a rower�s stroke).  These strenuous
workouts would have been impossible had it not been for our vigorous winter
conditioning, which began in January.

Our coaches Dimitry Martnyuk and Ron Dorchak took
vacation time from work to come and coach the team the first half of the
week.   Our head coach was suppose to coach us for the rest of the week, but
was stuck in Cleveland due to unforeseen circumstances.  The coaches gave
varsity rowers the responsibility to coach the new rowers and themselves for
the remaining three days.  The first few practices thereafter were run by
varsity rowers, but as word spread around the boathouse, some people outside
our program stepped in to assist.  CSU Rowing owes a debt of gratitude to
the Dave Dickinson at Vespoli and Casey Barker at Resolute for helping get
us through the remaining week of training and helping build our technical
base. Their expertise was a great bonus to the team, as these guys have
15+years of rowing/coaching experience.  Big thanks again to all of the

Viking Crew has been waking up every morning at 6am
since the start of January to practice.  Spring training ended with three
mock 2km races.  The Viking Crew new feels well prepared to take on John
Carroll University and Case Western Reserve this weekend at the home schools
regatta, a 1500m race on the Cuyahoga River�the only spring regatta in

CSU Rowing Wins Big at Hammer Ergatta

By David Dressler

The Cleveland State Rowing Club has been practicing
at 6am since January 8th to get ready for last Sunday�s Ergatta. 
They raced against home school rivals John Carroll and Case Western.  

Hundreds came to compete in the Cleveland Ergatta held
at John Carroll.  The Ergatta is a race with ergometers (rowing machines)
where competitors race 2000 meters usually lasting a grueling 7+ minutes. 
About 15 rowers from CSU came to compete.

Viking Crew took home 4 medals.  The incredible varsity
lightweight woman Megan Willinski won bronze.   The 4 year varsity
lightweight man David Dressler also came home with a bronze in his hand. 
Our amazing novice rower Elise Wintering won silver in the Lightweight
competition, and Kristen Richards won bronze in the Open competition.

The team relay competition was the last race of the
competition.  A group of 3 men and 3 women from each school raced 3000
meters, switching out every 500 meters.  Cleveland State won 2nd
place, losing by 10 seconds to John Carroll�s A-Team, but beat JCU�s B-Team
and CASE.

The Viking Crew will be having a Row-A-Thon that will
benefit the team and help pay for new equipment.  The Row-A-Thon is a
fundraiser the team does every year in the spring.  Every rower on the team
collects sponsors and rows for an hour straight and receive money for how
many meters they row in that hour.

The Viking Crew will be traveling to Oak Ridge, TN this
spring break to prepare for on-water races.  The first regatta for this
season starts at the End of March.  The team competes with Ohio State,
Purdue, Michigan State, Notre Dame, U of Pittsburg, Duquesne, Marietta,
Mercyhurst, John Carroll, and Case Western.  The team is very competitive
having won Gold medals at 3 out of 4 of its Regatta�s last spring season.

There�s still time for new rowers to join the team.  If
you�re interesting in joining the team, please visit the team�s website at

www.csuohio.edu/rowing or call the Club�s President Aliza Beastrom at
216 598-0609.  The team is open to all students and is a great way to get
involved at CSU, get in great shape, compete, and create great friendships.

Fall 2006 Viking Crew Season Recap

By David Dressler / Denny Matheou

Fall 2006 saw the introduction of three new coaches
to the team: Ron Dorchak, Scott Spatny, and Dimo Martynyk�each of whom
brought new perspectives and expertise to the team.  It also saw one less
boat on the team�s inventory:  �The New Boat� a 2005 Vespoli Ultralite 4
(still unnamed) was involved in an accident and was rendered to be
totaled.  CSU was issued complete restitution for a brand new boat after
the effort of several hundred thankless hours put in by the team
president, and was penalized with sanctions for the semester.

At the Head of the Cuyahoga, the Men�s Novice 4 won
Bronze.  Men�s Open Varsity 8 won Bronze.  Men�s Novice 8 won Silver.  The
CSU Men�s Lightweight 4 had a very strong race which ended up being timed
incorrectly�the winner is unknown. 

At the Head of the Ohio, the Men�s Lightweight 4 won
what would have been CSU Crew�s first ever gold medal (had they entered
the race as CSU).*  HOTO is definitely one of the hardest races of the
fall season.  They beat Penn State, U of Pittsburgh, Michigan State,
Carnegie Melon, and 6 other schools. See Dave�s blog for
the full story
.  Men�s Novice 4 won bronze.  Women�s open 4 were in
the middle of the pack of 20 boats in their race. Men�s open 8 were near
the middle of the pack and kept ahead of two Duquesne boats, Mellon, and
Potomac Boat Club.

The Men�s Lightweight 4 also went to the National
competition at Head of the Charles.*   Crews all the way from California
and China came to race on the Charles.  They didn�t place but were able to
fight off 2 bigger schools that have far greater funding and much fuller
rosters than ours.  

At the Speakmon regatta most of our boats finished in
the middle of pack in each race.  The Men�s lightweight 4 dressed up in
super hero costumes for the pre-Halloween race. The Women�s open 4 rowed
exceptionally well and finished above some much larger boats, setting a
great tone moving into the spring season.

CSU women�s varsity program has just quadrupled in
size.  The spring season will be one in which the women will show their
full potential and upset some very strong teams.  The women have been
training over the winter break and are set on being highly competitive.

Fall 2006 was Tom Kotula�s last semester at CSU.  He
started rowing for Viking Crew back in Fall 2002 and has been essential to
the team winning in the past few years.  It will be hard to replace
someone with such great rowing technique and stroke consistency, and
day-brightening ability.  He will be greatly missed by all of his fellow
rowers and coaches.


* During Fall 2006, Viking Crew was suspended from
traveling to away regattas.  Therefore, these races were rowed 100% by
athletes usually on Viking Crew, under the title of teams such as
�Cleveland Collegiate Barge Club� in Pittsburgh, �Cleveland Rowing
Foundation� in Boston, and �Team America�Rowing Professionals� in
Columbus.  These restrictions have since been lifted and the team was
eventually cleared of wrongdoing.

Cleveland State Men Win First Gold at Pitt

By David Dressler

Yes! Members of CSU Crew finally won their first Head of the Ohio gold
metal. In past years we’ve been plagued with boat problems like seats
exploding off the slides and the steering jammed so the boat steered to
one side the entire race (PORT PRESSURE!!!!). This year we decided to
check and triple-checked our equipment, and it paid off.

That day, we were in two consecutive races (very tightly scheduled): The
Men�s Open 8 and the Men�s Lightweight 4.  After finishing a strong race
in the Men�s Varsity 8, our coaches took our places in carrying the
8-shell to the trailer and let us head off to the van awaiting us. This
van was to take us to the Pittsburgh boathouse where our 4-shell was
standing by (saving us time in getting to the start line).  As we left,
the guys we had just raced with in the 8 were telling us “good luck”,
“Kick some ass”.  We hopped in the van and had some fruit, water, and
energy drinks as we discussed our race and how we felt. My thighs were
hurting but I was determined to still give it my all.

We finally get to the boathouse around 3:30, the time our event was
scheduled to begin. Down at the Pittsburgh Boathouse is our novice 4 with
our boat, ready to help us launch.  As we walked down there I was thinking
�this is cheap that the other teams can launch from the boathouse that�s
about 1000m from the start before the race, while everyone else rows 4250m
to the start�. As we launched from the dock I became really worried that
we�d be disqualified for being late to the start. As we approached the
starting area, we heard the official say “Cleveland Barge Club you guys
are to the first boat in the Lightweight event. Head to the start, they
know your coming.”

That removed my fear of being disqualified, and I was getting excited we
were going to be in the front of the pack, and all we had to do is keep
that lead. Tom, Denny and I knew how to do that. At WV Gov Cup we got in
front of the pack at the start and then just kept all of the other boats
in check.

As we approached the start you could just feel the boat pick up with speed
and the set felt great. “Cleveland….. MARK!” Bang! The race had started
with a power 20 and I could feel the water surge underneath the boat as if
we were in the [old] new four. The first 2000m, we maintained our lead on
the second boat, but the boat behind them had caught up and began to creep
closer to us. We knew that we wouldn�t win unless we distanced ourselves
from that boat that started 3rd. I could hear Denny yelling for “distance�
and knew we need to get open water and boat lengths on that boat. We all
knew this and we’re pushing really hard. Our technique felt great, and I
felt like I finally clicked into the rhythm with Tom. I didn�t have to
think about keeping in synch–all I had to do was come to the catch, drop
it in, and blast off my heels. Somewhere between the last 2000m, we could
hear Coach Dimo from the shore screaming for us to pull away from the
other boats. At that moment I was thought about our boat a year ago with
Dimo in it and it felt like deja vu. We had a 5th man pulling in our boat.
As Dimo cheered, you could just feel the power in the boat increase.
Around the last 1000m of the race we started hearing “ARGH ARGH ARGH!!!”
Pirates! omg!. No it was another boat that seemed to be trying to mess us
up. I thought �I’m not going to look, keep focus and keep your head in the
boat, Dave�. I was set on that till I saw tom tilt his head and look and I
followed suit. It was some random boat “arghing” at us and cheering for us
(Ami said after the race). 500m, we could still hear Dimo cheering for and
we knew that there wasn’t much left in the race. As we passed underneath
the 7th bridge, I believe Ami yelled out “it�s all out� We had made our
move earlier and we had made open water on the 3rd boat of the race. Now
it was time to ensure victory and make sure we didn�t lose by that .4
seconds we seemed to be cursed with. As we approached the end, Ami told us
she could see the finish line. We began to hear the roar of the crowd as
we got closer. It felt like I was in a stadium, they were so loud. The
crowd was so excited to see us at the head of the pack with boat lengths
in front of our competition. As we crossed the finish line, I felt so
good. I yelled out �YEAHHH!!!!! That felt so good� I remember Denny
splashing victory water on all of us. I splashed some victory water on
Tom. When we found out that we won and had taken home gold, I jumped up
threw my hillbilly hat down and ran for Ami. She was the first coxswain
ever from our team to be thrown into the river at this regatta! We were
the first boat to ever get a medal at this regatta�and we went straight to

Cheers to my boat and the team for cheering us on! Without everyone
cheering, I don�t know if we would have pulled ahead by a second. To think
a year from now it will be Dimo, Tom, Denny, and I on-land cheering for
Jon, and the other three people on the team who step up and fill our

2005-2006 Viking Crew Season Recap

By Denny Matheou


CSU Rowing Team “Viking Crew” ’05 – ’06 Highlights & Accomplishments
(There’s a lot of em):

  •  Through club fundraising efforts and great help from
    the university, Viking Crew has been able to purchase a brand new 4 person
    racing shell (boat) in the fall.  It helped earn the team a medal in
    nearly every race it competed in.

  • Denny Matheou, the club’s president was elected to
    the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Board of Directors as Collegiate Rowing
    Chair.  He represents about 100 rowers from CSU, Case, John Carroll,
    and Baldwin Wallace College in rowing functions for Cleveland.

  • Viking Crew has built a very strong, committed roster
    of 12 women and 15 men who have become best friends and great leaders in
    club operations. The students involved in Viking Crew are proud of their
    team and CSU–and Viking Crew is confident that their new recruits are
    sure to become great leaders in the club’s future.

  • During Spring Break, Viking Crew traveled to Oak
    Ridge, TN for a full week of intense training and team bonding. 
    Training was very successful and Viking Crew returned to Cleveland with a
    much greater respect for each other, a much greater skill for the sport,
    and some awesome tans.

  •  This year, our men’s Lightweight 4 boat (Tom Kotula 
    ’06, Dimitri Martynyuk ’06, Denny Matheou ’07, and David Dressler ’07)
    dominated other schools in nearly every race it competed in.  Aside
    from being the second fastest boat in Ohio (.4 sec behind Ohio State), it
    has defeated the likes of Northwestern, Purdue, Duquesne, Carnegie Mellon,
    and Michigan State

  • CSU will be well represented this summer in the
    rowing community as five rowers earn their coaching licenses and become
    coaches for Viking Crew Sponsored teams as well as the Summer Rowing
    League sponsored by the Western Reserve Rowing Association. 

  •  Currently, one rower (Denny Matheou) holds a
    coaching license.  He is an assistant coach for Cleveland Scholastic
    Rowing, a high school girls rowing team made up of rowers from Beumont
    School, Bay Village HS, Westlake HS, Rocky River HS, among other schools. 
    He also plans to coach in the summer.

  • This summer, Viking Crew is organizing a CSU Faculty
    Rowing Team, which will use CSU boats and will be coached by CSU Rowers.

  •  Viking Crew is also organizing and coaching a summer
    collegiate rowing team for rowers that compete outside of Cleveland and
    call Cleveland home during the summer.

 Awards in Competition:
(Terminology: Novice � First year rowers; Varsity: Experienced rowers;
Lightweight (Men: Below 160lbs, Women: Below 130 lbs), Open: Any rower
regardless of weight, experience; Mixed: Half men, half women;

Fall Season (5000m Cross-Country Races (about 20

  • Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta (September) –
    Competition: Case, John Carroll, Michigan State, Duquesne

    • Gold: Men’s Lightweight 4

    • Silver: Men’s Novice 4

    • Silver: Women’s Open 4

    • Silver: Men’s Novice 8

    • Bronze: Men’s Open 8

  •  Frogtown Races (October) – Toledo, OH

    • Gold: Womens Varsity 4

    • Silver: Mens Varsity 8

    • Silver: Mens Lightweight 4

  •  Head of the Elk (October) – Elkhart, IN

    • Silver: Men’s Open 4 (First place was University of
      Michigan, 3rd and On: Mercyhurst, Lawrence, Purdue, U of Cincinatti,
      Michigan State, Michigan Tech, U of Dayton, Washington U,  U of
      Chicago, Grand Valley State, Northern Michigan, Miami of Ohio, WVU

    • Silver: Men’s Lightweight 4 (First place was U of
      Dayton, 3rd and on: John Carroll, Michigan Tech, Purdue, Northwestern, U
      of Chicago, Grand Valley State, Mercyhurst, Marquette, Notre Dame,
      Washington, Miami of Ohio

 Winter Season (Indoors racing on machines 200m
(about 7-8 minutes)):

  • Pittsburgh Sprints (February) – Competition Includes
    Case, JCU, Penn State, U of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, Duquesne,
    Mercyhurst, RIT

    • Gold: Megan Willinski – Womens Lightweight

  • Hammer Ergatta (February) Cleveland – Competition
    Includes: Case, John Carroll

    • Gold: Megan Willinski – Womens Novice Lightweight

    • Gold: Luke Stachowitz – Mens Novice

    • Gold: Alex Morsch – Mens Open

    • Silver: Dimo Martynyuk – Mens Lightweight

    • Bronze: Denny Matheou – Mens Lightweight

 Spring Season: 2000 Meter Sprint Races (about 7

  • Home Schools Regatta (March – Cleveland)

    • Gold: Mens lightweight 4

    • Gold: Mens Novice 4 x2 (Heats 1 and 2)

  •  Ohio Cup (April Columbus) � Cancelled due to
    inclement weather

  •  WV Governor’s Cup (April, Charleston, WV)
    Competition Includes Case, John Carroll, Ohio University, University of
    Charleston, Xavier

    • Gold: Mens Lightweight 4

    • Silver: Mixed 8

    • Bronze: Mens Open 8

    • Bronze: Mens Open 8 500m Sprint

  • Mid-American Collegiate Rowing Association Regatta
    (Conference Finals) May 6th
    Competition Includes: Ohio State, Ohio University, University of Chicago,
    Mercyhurst, Northwestern, University of Charleston, Grand Valley State,
    University of Michigan, John Carroll, University of Dayton

    • Bronze: Men’s Lightweight 4 (1st place- Mercyhurst
      – 2nd Place- Ohio State; CSU .4 seconds behind OSU)


  • To give a sense of rowers’ commitment to this team
    (monetarily) each rower has spent about $500-700 this year on items
    ranging from semester dues to spring break dues to team uniforms and

  •  One final note�Our club bids farewell to Dimitri
    �Dimo� Martynyuk.  He has been a proud member of the team since Fall
    2002.  Aside from being an amazing oarsman and person, he was the club
    vice president and equipment technician (among other roles he has held). 
    Our team wouldn�t be what it is without his existence.

 Every rower on CSU Crew puts an inordinate amount of
energy into making this team what it is.  We are very proud of our

 Denny Matheou
Viking Crew President

CSU Rowing Team Continues to Flourish

By Joe Lull, Cauldron Sports Editor


Monday, September 26, 2005

Picture courtesy of CSU Rowing

On any given weekday, a group of 29 CSU students can be found propelling
themselves through the waters of the Cuyahoga River at 5:30 a.m.
Yes, 5:30 a.m.
This group of dedicated CSU students forms the CSU Rowing Team, or Viking
Crew. The student organization competes in Regattas, or rowing races, six to
eight times per year, frequently against NCAA level rowing teams from other
Founded in 2000, the CSU Rowing Team has grown from a small group of novice
rowers to a group of 29 that has experienced increased success. The team won
four medals in the Sept. 17 Head of The Cuyahoga Regatta, an event put on by
the Cleveland Rowing Foundation. With a bronze medal in the Men’s Open 8
event, silver medals in the Men’s Open Novice 8 and Men’s Open Novice 4, and
a gold medal in the Men’s Lightweight 4, the CSU Rowing Team came away from
their “home” regatta quite pleased.
Such success does not come without hard work and dedication. The Rowing team
spends at least 10 hours per week during the fall and spring rowing seasons
on the Cuyahoga, navigating through industrial traffic and around the
river’s numerous bends from 5:30 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. During the off-season
the rowers continue their intense physical training in the gym, working on
rowing machines, lifting weights and participating in cardiovascular
workouts. Such intense physical training results in rowers such as these
becoming some of the most physically fit athletes in the world. As a matter
of fact, a past issue of Sports Illustrated rated rowers as the second most
physically fit athletes in the world behind swimmers.

Being a member of the CSU Rowing Team is not easy. In addition to the
substantial physical and mental endurance required, team members are also
left to finance their organization with limited assistance from the
university. While CSU did provide the majority of the funds for the team’s
brand new $13,000 Vespoli four-person boat, the organization is left to
finance itself the rest of the way.
Each individual is required to pay $150 in dues to become a member. In
addition, rowers are required to participate in two fundraisers each year to
help offset the rest of the team’s operating costs such as oars, regatta
entrance fees, uniforms and boathouse usage.
Each year the CSU Rowing team goes on a trip during spring break. This year
the team plans on traveling to Tennessee or Florida where they will have
intense two-a-day training sessions for both novice and veteran rowers. At
night, the team hangs out together and builds camaraderie as a group.
The CSU Rowing Team is a very close group, one that spends a great deal of
time together and shares many of the same interests. As a matter of fact,
team captain Denny Matheou likened the student organization to a cult-like
collection of students. They practice together, study together, go out
together, compete together and are always there for each other.
When asked what about crew is so enjoyable, Matheou responded:
“There’s something about the sport. I was never into sports in high school
and learned about the rowing team at freshman orientation. I thought it
looked pretty cool. I don’t know… There’s something about the competition,
the people, the friendships and representing Cleveland State – it feels like
I’m making something of my collegiate career.”

Anyone interested in joining the CSU Rowing team or simply learning more
about the organization and the sport is encouraged to go to the team’s
website at www.csuohio.edu/rowing.

Making Waves

Published on CSU Home Page and OnCampus Newsletter


Varsity Men take Gold at Cleveland Regatta

Men’s Varsity Four: Tom Kotula, Dimitri Martynyuk, Denny Matheou,

Dave Dressler and Coxswain/Rower Leah Mentch


Men take Gold at Cleveland Regatta

By: Denny Matheou

The Cleveland State Rowing Team kicked off the spring

season Saturday at their first regatta of the year.  They competed

against Case and John Carroll Universities in the annual triple

meet, and proved victorious.

The men�s varsity four was the first event of the day.  Right at the

start of the 1500-meter race, CSU steered off course and had lost

great distance to Case, but did not quit.  They got right back into

it and quickly made up the lost distance.  At the final 500-meter

stretch, CSU jumped on Case and won the race with water between the

boats.  They went on to race John Carroll in the finals and finished

a boat length ahead of the east side rival.

The women�s varsity four also made it to finals after a hard fought

race with JCU, but barely fell to Case in the finals.  Also

advancing to finals were the novice men�s four, and the varsity

men�s eight.

�In this regatta the margins for victory were very small. If we had

newer equipment, we would have been a lot more successful. This

gives the team reason to fundraise, but sometimes its not enough�

Assistant coach Nik Kottha noted when asked for his opinion on the

regatta. �We have a solid team this season; I can�t wait to see how

we perform against other schools.�

The team is looking forward to a strong week of conditioning and

training. Rowers are also conducting a Row-a-Thon Monday and

Tuesday, April 11/12 where each rower will row outside near the UC

plaza for an hour straight to raise funds for the team.

The rest of the season will include some tough competition as they

compete against such schools as Ohio State, Marietta, Miami

University, and Michigan State when they travel to Columbus,

Charleston WV, and Athens OH the next three weekends.  They look

forward to bringing some medals back home.

The CSU Rowing team is a club sport that competes at the varsity

level.  The team is open to all CSU students, and all students are

encouraged to come and join the crew.  All members of the team are

walk-ons from CSU who have had no prior experience.

For more information about the team, go to

http://www.csuohio.edu/rowing or contact coach Mark at


Viking Crew Introduces new Head Coach

By: Denny Matheou

Coach Mark Silverstein – File Photo

The CSU Rowing Team began indoor conditioning last week at the
new wing of the CRF boathouse with brand new equipment and their new
head coach Mark Silverstein.  Coach Mark accepted the volunteer
position over the winter and has worked hard to jumpstart the
program to take it to a new level.  He has only been rowing
himself for just over seven years where he learned right here on the
Cuyahoga River through the Adult Learn to Row Programs.

Besides owning his own business, BWS Pack Services (BWS assembles
surgical packs for area hospitals), he is the President/Executive
Director of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation. He has two grown
children, his son is an attorney in LA, and his daughter is a
graphic designer in Chicago. She works for Midway Games and recently
designed the fighting world for the newest Mortal Kombat!

Mark initiated the Row for the Cure (having raised over $45,000
for Breast Cancer over the last three years), started the Cleveland
Visually Impaired Rowing Program for adults, and restarted Summer
Urban Rowing Program for Cleveland School kids. He is currently
working with several groups to expand rowing opportunities for all

This season, Viking Crew will travel to Ohio State, Ohio
University, Charleston WV, and Philadelphia, PA.  The team is
looking very strong this year and they plan on bringing some medals

Although Spring season doesn�t start until the week after
spring break, the team is already looking for new people who are
interested in learning a new sport, having a good time, and
competing against colleges from all over the Midwest and east. 
For more information about the team, you can contact Coach Mark at

Viking Crew Bids Farewell to Coach Dan Diangelo

By: Denny Matheou

After five years of dedicated volunteer service, Viking Crew's founder and
first coach, Daniel Diangelo has stepped down from the position to pursue
other ambitions down south.  

Through his tenure, he has built a strong and thriving collegiate
rowing program out of nothing.  He woke up at 5am every morning for
seven seasons without any expectation of pay, but out of his love for the

Coach Dan began his rowing career coxing at St. Ignatius High School
and on to the University of Cincinnati.  He later transferred to
Cleveland State where he pulled a team together in 2000.  Since then,
he also took coaching positions for adaptive (visually impaired) and inner
city youth rowing teams (also volunteer positions).

The Cleveland rowing community owes a great debt of gratitude to Dan
for his dedication and hard work.  He will be missed.

Viking crew rows to gold

Insert Alternate Text

Photos by Nik Kottha

Pictured above are the members of the CSU boat that won the gold

medal in the Men's Open 8+. Greg Roberson, K.C. McKenna, Nik Kottha, Jim

Kozak, Scott Spatny, Denny Matheou, Joe Rokas and Chris Maeder (not

pictured) won the first Men's Varsity gold medal in the history of the

four-year old program. Viking Crew travels to Pittsburgh, PA on October

4 to race in the Head of the Ohio.


Viking crew rows to gold


On Sept. 20, the Cleveland State University Crew joined hundreds of

fellow rowers to compete in the Eighth Annual Head of the Cuyahoga


By the end of the afternoon, CSU�s Crew had spectators convinced that

avoiding the snooze button everyday at 5 a.m. really works.

They walked away with five sets of medals and a $600 valued prize.

The �beat the clock�-style regatta began at 8 a.m. and consisted of 38

races throughout the day. The 2.5-mile course finished at the Nautica

Complex, where the dock was packed with spectators.

The highlights for many were the four sprint races, where qualifying

teams competed for a brand-new Nielsen Kellerman cox box.

The CSU varsity men�s team was one of the winners of the prize, a

small speaker that the team coxswain uses to communicate with rowers.

The varsity men also took home the gold medal in the Men�s Open 8 and

came in fourth in the Men�s Open 4.

The novice men�s team took the silver medal in the Men�s Novice 8 and

the novice women team went home with the bronze after the Women�s Novice


Other collegiate teams competing included John Carroll University,

Case Western Reserve University, University of Chicago, Duquesne

University and Carnegie-Mellon University.

On Oct. 4 the crew will travel to Pittsburgh to compete in one of the

biggest regattas in the northeast, the Head of the Ohio Regatta. They

will be up against some of the largest universities, including the

University of Michigan and Purdue University.

For further information on the Head of the Cuyahoga annual regatta or

the CSU Crew, visit www.hotc.net or


Article appeared in the

The Cleveland Stater 

September 25, 2003

Head of the Elk 2003 was a great success for all

the boats.

Here is a rundown of the results:

The Mens Varsity 4+ finished 6th out of 20 boats

The Womens Varsity 4+ finished 21th out of 25.

The Mens Varsity 8+ finished 8th out of 13.

The Mens Novice 8+ finished 8th out of 12..

The Womens Novice 8+ finished 13th out of 18.

And finally, our beefcake lightweight Men finished 14th out of 16 boats

Viking Crew Sends 3 to Canadian Henley

By. K.C. McKenna


Viking Crew Sends 3 to Canadian Henley

             As the school year approached and students

began wrapping up summer jobs and preparing for the academic year ahead,

three rowers from Cleveland State traveled to Canada to compete in the Royal

Canadian Henley Regatta, North America�s largest rowing regatta.

            Scott Spatny, Greg Roberson and K.C.

McKenna trained the entire summer with collegiate rowers from Columbia

University, Vanderbilt, The University of Washington, Yale, Cornell, St.

Joseph�s, and two St. Ignatius High School students, both who were invited

to try out for the U.S. Junior National Team. 

            The competition was stiff at the Canadian

Henley, which was held on one of the world�s most beautiful race courses in

St. Catherines, Ontario.  National teams from as far as Peru, Egypt,

Germany, Mexico and England made the trip to compete with some of the best

boats that Canada and the United States have to offer.

            The young team from Cleveland did not

prevail against such large, international competition, but the Olympic-like

atmosphere was a great learning experience for the team, who hopes to

compete again next year.

            The Cleveland boat traveled to regattas

throughout the Midwest this summer, collecting three gold medals, a silver

and a bronze.

            The CSU rowing team starts its season

September 20th at their home race, the Head of the Cuyahoga, at

Nautica in the Flats.  The team will travel to Virginia, Indiana, Cincinnati

and Massachusetts this fall, and hopes to bring gold back to Cleveland


Spring Training 2003

By. K.C. McKenna

While Cleveland was being hit with ice storms and freezing temperatures, the Cleveland State University Rowing Team was training for the upcoming spring season in warm, sunny Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Seventeen rowers, along with head coach Dan DiAngelo and assistant coach Kirsten Murawski, left Cleveland last Friday night ready for a long drive and a week of intense training on the water.

The drive was also the inaugural trip for the newly refurbished CSU boat trailer. The trailer was donated to the team by the Western Reserve Rowing Foundation after it flipped on the highway last summer. The refinishing of the mangled trailer took the team 6 months and over 100 hours of labor.

The team arrived in Tennessee around noon Saturday and checked into their home for the next seven days, the Oak Ridge Super 8 motel, a five star resort with all of the amenities of a luxurious hotel at the $39.95 a night rate.

Practice started early Sunday morning as the team got the feeling for the water back after a long winter of weight training and working out on rowing machines. After getting the feel of the stroke back in the morning session it was down to business in the afternoon. All of the workouts that the team had done throughout the winter were translated to water in the form of speed and power in a boat that reached speeds of 17 km/h.

The Viking Crew was joined in Oak Ridge by other elite rowing teams from throughout the country including the Naval Academy, Notre Dame, The University of New Hampshire, Louisville University, Duke, Marquette, Dartmouth, Clemson, Indiana and William and Mary.

Each day was filled with double session practices that lasted up to 3 hours each, the consumption of enough food to feed a small country or a big group of rowers, and lots of early bedtimes. And while that does not seem to be the ideal spring break for most college students, it was a sacrifice that the young team was willing make to be competitive with the largest, most successful programs throughout the country.

The week was topped off with an exhibition race early Friday morning where Cleveland State faced Notre Dame, the Naval Academy and Marquette. Crews on shore watched as CSU lined up next to Notre Dame and Navy in what was the first competitive sprint race for half of the Cleveland State boat.

The Vikings pulled away from the start with a strong sprint and was able to hold off the other crews with an all out effort form each member of the crew. The Vikings flew across the finish line followed closely by Navy, Notre Dame and Marquette, respectively.

The victory was a huge confidence builder for the team and a preview of what is to come in the season ahead.

The Viking Crew starts double session practices this Tuesday at 5:30 am on the cold Cuyahoga River followed by a mid-day practice on the ergometers (rowing machines) in preparation for the Cleveland Collegiate Regatta on Saturday, March 29 in The Flats.

The Vikings will be reaching toward their season�s first goal, beating cross-town rival John Carroll University and taking home a gold medal.

The Viking Crew travels to Columbus on April 5 where they will race Denison University and Case Western, another regatta where CSU is confident that they will strike gold.

The Governor�s Cup in Charleston, West Virginia on April 12 will be the Vikings first large race of the year. The Viking Crew will race JCU, Case, Wittenberg, The University of Charleston, West Virginia University, Ohio University and Mercyhurst College.

Cleveland State will be racing in the Mid American Collegiate Rowing Association�s regatta in Athens, OH. CSU is hoping to medal against some of the toughest competition in the Midwest including: Ohio University, Ohio State, Mercyhurst, West Virginia University, Northwestern University, Cincinnati, JCU, Grand Valley State University and Marietta University (considered one of the best team in the Midwest).

The Viking Crew�s ultimate goal for the season is a trip to the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia, PA. Dad Vails is one most competitive, highly regarded regattas in the country, where only the nation�s best boats come out on top at the end of the day. The Vikings will compete against Clemson, Cornell, Columbia University and other top regional competitors.

The Viking Crew has established clearly defined goals that will help them compete against the highest level of competition in college�s oldest and most traditional sport. A strong foundation of experienced rowers and dedicated newcomers will push Cleveland State Rowing to the top of the rowing world in Cleveland and make a name among some of the best schools to ever put a boat on the water.

CSU Travels to Elkhart, IN on own trailer with own equipment!!!

CSU Travels to

Elkhart, IN on own trailer with own equipment!!!

October 29,

The Viking Crew

traveled to Elkhart, IN over the weekend.  A true first.  CSU was the

only Cleveland school to attend the away regatta, once impossible.  Viking

Crew did this with hard work from its friends & members.  This season

CSU hit a growth spurt which included a donated trailer, a new four man shell, a

new eight man shell, a new cox-box, and a set of oars.  All the equipment

is used and required some work.  The rowers came together and displayed

ultimate teamwork.  The donated trailer had been in a serious accident and

took a bit of work to bring back to usability.  The team grabbed their

power tools and learned all about being mechanics.  Down to the wire they

worked and on October 26, 2002 the new CSU trailer full of CSU equipment rolled

out of the boathouse bound for the Viking Crew’s first independent


The Viking Crew would like to recognize the people who

helped us get this far.  Coach Dan DiAngelo, Assistant Coach Kirsten

Murawski, Mr. Spatny & Friends, Mr. SIlverstein, Mr. Murawski, Mr. Kramarz,

Mr. Thomson, Mr. Gerda, Western Reserve Rowing Foundation, Cleveland State

University, John Carroll Rowing Club, WRRA, St. Ignatius High School Crew, Lower

Merion Rowing Club, Case Western Reserve Crew.  Special rower recognition

to Scott Spatny & Phil Thomson.

To all who have been there for


Spring 2002

West Virginia’s Governor’s

The Crew is busy training for the next race

where we will face competition from all over the midwest including:

Carnegie Mellon, Duquesne, St. Mary’s College (Canada), Xavier, Ohio

University, Mercyhurst, Robert Morris, Charleston, West Virginia, and

Wittenberg.  This should be a strong field and the Viking Crew hopes

to set the stage for the MACRA’s.

The Cleveland Home Schools

Rowing Championship 
CSU, John Carroll University, and Case Western

Resrve University competed in this regattas inaugural year.  The

competitors and coaches agreed it was a blast, and plan to hold the

regatta for years to come.  The weather was more Seattle than

Cleveland but as always the three schools battled it out all over the

Cuyahoga.  Next year we hope you will join us for a great of day

racing and fun.

Marietta Invitational

The Viking Crew just returned home from the

Marietta Invitational Regatta.  Competitors including the Nationaly

ranked teams of Ohio State and Marietta as well as the reputable Grand

Valley State.  Though CSU did not bring home a medal we proved

ourselves worthy to share the water with such teams.  Our men’s

novice four (Greg, Kevin, Tony, Mike, Niki cox) actually led OSU for a

short bit early in the race and battled the whole course with Grand

Valley.  Our open men’s four went toe to toe the whole length with

JCU exchanging leads only to slip back in the last 500 m.  A strong

showing from the Viking Crew has left us confident for the upcoming


Winter 2002

Spring Break has passed…
Spring Training was a success!!! Six men traveled to Oak Ridge TN and enjoyed beautiful weather and water to get some of the teams best rowing.

Congrats to Niki and all Hammer Competitors
Viking Crew recently competed in the Hammer Ergatta, Cleveland OH. Where for the second year they grabbed a medal. Niki Kramarz, shaved 16 seconds from her previous time to pull an 8:14 and take home the Novice Women’s Silver Medal.

Cleveland State Rowing Starts Season

CSU Cauldron 2-24-02

Cleveland State Rowing

Starts Season

By Scott Spatny & K.C. McKenna

The Cleveland State Rowing Club Kicked off its season on February 8 at the

Pittsburgh indoor sprints.  The Viking crew competed with athletes

from Penn state, Carnegie melon, Pitt, Duquesne, Case Western Reserve,

John Carroll and Baldwin Wallace.

Hundreds of people packed into a Pittsburgh gymnasium on an ice cold

February morning to cheer on the rowers as the raced ergometers (rowing

machines). It was a 2000-meters that lasted a grueling 7+ minutes for each


Outstanding Cleveland state performances were given by lightweight novice

men: Dimo Martynyuk, Tom Kotula, and Denny Matheou, who placed 5th, 15th,

and 17th respectively out of 40 competitors.

The Hammer Ergatta (Cleveland�s version of the Pittsburgh Sprints) was

held February 16 at John Carroll University.  Each of Cleveland�s

universities was in attendance for the competition.

The top competitors form Cleveland State last weekend were Dimo Martynyuk

with a 5th place finish in the men�s novice open, and Scott Spatny, who

placed 5th in the men�s open category.

The team relay competition was Cleveland State�s proudest moment for the

day.  A team of three men and three women from each school raced 500

meters each.  Cleveland State came out on top beating John Carroll by

six seconds to take the gold.

The Viking Crew will hold a Row-A-Thon this Thursday and Friday, February

27 and 28, in the UC Cage.  Each member of the Viking Crew will row

for an hour and will receive $.20 for every 100 meters they row from


Proceeds from the Row-A-Thon will benefit the team�s purchase of new


The Viking Crew will be traveling to Oakridge, TN during spring break

where they will train for the upcoming spring season.

Look for Cleveland State to make a splash this season as they compete with

Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Pitt, Penn

State, Duquesne, Marietta, Northwestern, John Carroll and Case Western.

Spring season begins on March 28 when Cleveland State races against

cross-town rivals John Carroll and Case Western on the Cuyahoga River.

News Historical Archive 2002 – Fall 2013

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