Rent a Rower!

Could you use some extra help with

  • yard work (mowing, planting, raking, etc.)
  • window washing
  • car washing
  • painting
  • repair work
  • interior house cleaning
  • moving
  • odd jobs

If so, why not rent a rower or two to help?  CSU Crews year-round Rent-a-Rower program is designed to provide you with this extra labor in exchange for a donation to help support the club.  Simply contact the team by email and let us know the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • The job(s) you desire us to do
  • How many rowers you would like to rent (Minimum 2)
  • The date you want to schedule

Please provide adequate time (about a week advanced notice) for our team to make sure we can organize your Rent-a-rower event. Rowers are available for four-hour blocks of time on weekends during the school year or hourly any day of the week. There are a few activities that rowers are not allowed to perform such as climbing trees, second story roofs or anything that involves open flames due to safety concerns.

To make your donation tax-deductible, make out checks to "Cleveland State Rowing."  Since this is a fundraising activity, we suggest a rate of $12/hour per rower, and any more is left to your discretion.  Thank you for supporting CSU Crew!

(Please note that unless you ask otherwise, we only supply labor and assume that you can provide the necessary tools.)

  Ford Fundraiser

Fundraising Contents:

Brief Team History

Why we need the $$

Wish List

Typical Annual Budget

Mutually beneficial Fundraisers

How to Donate

Benefits to Donating (Gifts/Naming Rights)

A Brief History

The CSU Rowing Team began in 2000 with borrowed 30-50 year old equipment and our volunteer coach, Dan DiAngelo. Since then, we’ve acquired our 8 ("Daniel Diangelo," a 1984 Vespoli purchased from St. Ignatius), a 4 ("The Steamer," 1994 Vespoli purchased from Syracuse), some oars, some cox boxes, an erg, and more recently, our new 4 was delivered on 2005, a huge milestone for the team.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous dedication of our rowers and coaches who volunteered hundreds of hours fundraising and our officers who selflessly dedicated their time in soliciting the university for financial assistance.

Although we do have a beautiful new boat, our fleet is still small for the amount of rowers we have, our only 8 is a very heavy, banged-up antique (hardly raceable), and we are short on coaches. Our coaches still works on a volunteer basis.

Why fundraising is such a critical focus for the CSU Rowing Team

CSU Rowing is not recognized by Cleveland State University as a Varsity Sport. The NCAA does not govern us, nor do we receive funds from the Athletic Department. Yet, each year, we compete against other teams that are NCAA Varsity crews and very well funded club teams– the crews with new equipment and well-paid coaching staffs.

In order to be competitive with these crews, it is up to the rowers, coxswains, and friends of CSU to raise the necessary funds. We attempt to accomplish this through membership dues, donations, and continuous fundraising efforts.

As of the fastest growing student organizations on campus, the club is in dire need of new boats, updated equipment, and maintenance to our existing boats. Since it’s inception in 2000, our group has served over 125 CSU students. The current roster of 20 is dedicated to the success of the team. As an organization in its first stages, we lack the equipment necessary to be a competitive team, despite the will and dedication by the squad. Our only eight person shell is very heavy, banged up, and not in racing condition. For a team of our size and talent, it is necessary that we have more and better boats to involve every rower at on-water practices and to be raceable at competition. If you would like to assist in our financial endeavors, please read on. We greatly appreciate help from alumni and patrons outside of the CSU Crew community.

Wish List

Have a look at our Wish List to see what we are currently saving for. The absolute most important item on the list is an eight-person racing shell. New boats cost between $20k-$30k. Our hope is to purchase a quality, lightly used eight for about $15-20k. We currently don’t have enough seats in boats to accommodate our large roster. Plus, our current eight has seen better days. Secondly, we are in need of a boat trailer that is safer and represents the university better.  Our current trailer is rusty and fragile, and we want to be able to know that we are safely transporting our precious cargo.

Typical Annual Budget

Feel free to have a look at our typical annual budget. Although the number is large, it is based on a very tight budget. The budget is fit for a 20-person team with unpaid coaches.

How we can help each other!

Name Our Eight! We have a newer Eight with no name on it. With a generous donation, you or your company can change that! Our boat gets exposure all over campus, the Midwest and east, all through the flats, and will be a staple in our program for many many years (how long does it take for a boat to split in half?). Contact us at for more info.

Row-A-Thon Each year we sponsor a Row-A-Thon whereby members obtain pledges for every 100 meters rowed on rowing machines (ergometers) and then the member would row as many meters possible in one hour. Get the self-satisfaction in sponsoring a rower undergoing this torturous workout!


Candy! Every Easter, Valentines Day, and any other chocolate-related holiday, we sell Malley’s Candies at the same price as in the store–Except, the team gets some of the cut. Email  ( if you want to be notified of chocolate sales.

We’re always working on other fundraising activities, including catering rowing events, and various "Rent-a-Rower" jobs (including moving, landscaping, marketing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Christmas gift deliveries to legal firms all over Cleveland).


If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please contact us at, send donations to: Cleveland State University Dept of Student Life, ATTN: Viking Crew 2121 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115 ***Make checks to "Cleveland State University" with "Viking Crew" in the subject line.***

Gifts for Donors

In return for your donation, you will receive the following according to the amount of your donation:

$20 – CSU Crew Bumper Sticker

$150 – Recognition on t-shirt, free CSU Crew t-shirt ($6 for each additional shirt)

$250 – Name on a sweep oar indefinitely

$750 – Naming Rights on a rowing machine indefinitely

$900- Naming Rights on 4 new sweep oars indefinitely

$1000- Your name on our new 8

$1,700 – Naming Rights on 8 new sweep oars indefinitely

$1,500 – Naming Rights on our current four man shell (Currently named "The Steamer")

$4,000 – $20,000 – Naming Rights on racing shell indefinitely-amount of donation decides size, age, and quality of boat.

Contact for details. All donations are tax-deductible and will be recognized in our semi-annual newsletter.

Every rower on CSU Crew puts an inordinate amount of energy into making this team what it is. Your donation supports some of the most dedicated athletes in Cleveland. Thank you for your support!