Welcome to the 2018 Spring Season!

2018 Spring Season Preview

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 2018 Spring Season for Cleveland State Rowing! With Coaches Bob Gannon and Erik Meister, the team is coming off one of the program’s best fall seasons and is ready to get back to work. Here is a peak of this year’s schedule:

Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints 1/27
The team starts the season in Pittsburgh, facing off against Universities of Pittsburgh and the host, Carnegie Melon.

Hammer Ergatta 2/25
Unlike previous years, the team will have an ergatta under their belt before the home Hammer Ergatta in February. Facing off against in-boathouse colleges John Carroll University and host Case Western Reserve University, the Vikings will be looking to use their experience with having a race under their belts.

Tampa Mayor’s Cup 3/17 ?
At the moment, this regatta is unofficial for the team and is so until further details are confirmed.

Redhawk Sprints 4/14
The team’s first official regatta on the season will be taken place in Oxford, OH. Other than host Miami(OH) University, Ohio University, John Carroll, and Carnegie Mellon are anticipated to compete at this regatta.

MACRA’s 4/28
Marking the end for the full team, the team will be returning to MACRA’s after a year hiatus from the event.

Dad Vail Regatta 5/11-12
The Vikings will officially end the 2018 Spring Season at the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia. Because of the intense competition, only selected crews will be attending this regatta.

Welcome to our Updated Site!

Hello and welcome to our updated site! We have made (and still are making) changes to make access easier to everyone. All of the major changes (new format, results page, recruiting form, news section) are complete, with minor changes and tweaks still being done.

Be on the lookout for our Spring Season Preview later today as we kickoff the 2018 Spring campaign tomorrow at the Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints.


Website Fixing

Team Website Update

Hey everyone! If you have stopped by here once or twice before, you might realize that our website is slightly different. Right now we are currently overhauling our site.  We appreciate your patience, and we will be done with the changes by the end of the week.

Thank you again.